Harmonic Mind ~ March 19th – May 14th, Discounted Rate


An 8-week meditation course that uses music to support you in effortlessly entering non-ordinary states of awareness generally only available as a result of many years of disciplined practice.

What the course entails:

  • Two 20-minute audio sessions per day – one in the morning & one in the evening
  • 4 live calls on Zoom
  • An Evolutionary Partnership with a participant going through the course
  • Supplementary video & written materials to help you deepen your understanding of the states of consciousness
  • A live, half-day (virtual) retreat on week 6 to help you ground these states in your awareness
  • Email support throughout the 8 weeks
  • Plus a few more surprise gifts along the way

Our course begins March 19th. There’s a spot for you.

Please note: No refunds are available for discounted rates.



Harmonic Mind is an 8-week meditation course that uses music to help you gain access to non-ordinary states of consciousness. Our brainwave entrainment audio tracks are specially created to guide the brain from waking consciousness into meditative states in increasing depth over the 8 week period. Learn firsthand about brainwave states and how to access them.

What’s included:

  • brainwave entrainment audio tracks (yours to download and keep in your library forever)
  • four live calls with Asa
  • an Evolutionary Partner who is enrolled in the course with you
  • live, half-day (virtual) retreat
  • email support

Live Call Dates:

Welcome Call, Alpha States – March 19th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Call #2, Theta states – April 2nd, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Call # 3, Live, Virtual Retreat – April 16th, ***8am-11am Mountain Time

Call #4, Delta States – April 30th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Final Call, Gamma + Looking Ahead – May 14th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Technical Specifications: In order to access the high resolution audio programs it is recommended that you have a high speed internet connection. Downloads are also available as an alternative to streaming.  

If you have any questions about Harmonic Mind, please email [email protected]