Meditations Beyond the Zodiac ~ Full Series




In this series, we explore the essence of the archetypes of the zodiac. Archetypes are the universal forms or the “original patterns” from which all things are constructed. They are considered to be the core template from which the soul and personality are made. Ancient myths tell the stories of the archetypes and how they came to be emblazoned in the starry vault of the heavens as the constellations. But they also offer timeless teachings about the nature of the human experience, psyche and soul.

Using guided meditations accompanied by theta binaural beat music, we work with deeper states of consciousness where we can gain access to the levels of mind where the archetypal template resides. As we journey into the archetypal realms, we activate their latent qualities and bring them up from unconsciousness into our conscious experience and understanding. This helps us to more fully express our unique soul template through our personality and transmute any of the difficulties resulting from their underdeveloped or unbalanced aspects.

When you purchase, you gain immediate access to all 12 meditations. We’ll also send you an email on the full moon with a link to each meditation so that you can join in our synchronized listening at 8pm Mountain Time each full moon evening.

*Bonus gift “Journey Through the Four Worlds” guided meditation also included!

Join us for this transformational series.

12 Monthly Full Moon Guided Meditations inspired by the archetypes of the zodiac. Full description below!


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