About Source Vibrations

Source Vibrations music provides advanced vibro-acoustic tools for consciousness evolution.

Much of our music uses specially tuned brainwave entrainment technology to promote relaxation, brain-hemisphere synchronization, cognitive and bio-energetic development. We also feature several guided meditations and trans-personal hypnotherapy sessions designed to support the process of growth and development.

Drawing from ancient mystery teachings and modern science, Source Vibrations music offers listeners the opportunity to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, to support spiritual and self healing practices. To get the best results it is recommended that listeners download the hi-fidelity sessions from sourcevibrations.com and use them in conjunction with regular meditation.

Music Creator, Asa

Asa is an integrally informed composer, sound engineer and mystic. Combining his passions for music and developmental evolution, Asa has developed a composition methodology that integrates the principals of neuro-acoustics, music theory, and the western mystery teachings, creating a library of audio products designed to accelerate the process of healing and evolutionary change. Using a format he calls sonic mysticism – the science and art of applying esoteric technologies through sound, Asa transcribes natural structures like colors, archetypes and geometries into melodic patterns and harmonies, encoding them into sound.

After completing hypnosis and NLP certification training in 2003, he began a clinical therapy practice that profoundly informed the way he would think about both music and evolutionary change. During this time he was able to recognize key patterns in the process of development and therapeutic change that he then began to incorporate into his music and clinical interventions.

Asa’s music and guided hypnotherapy sessions can be heard in alternative health care clinics, spas, float tanks and yoga studios around the US and abroad and have become a part of the daily meditation practice for thousands of people seeking to accelerate their process of growth and development through the use of sound vibration.

 “…consciousness, like music, is vibrational. This relationship of correspondence yields immense practical value in the process of healing and evolution. As we tease apart the esoteric structure of music and the physics of sound, an ever unfolding vista of splendor begins to shine through the details of this vast subject. Music touches the heart in a way words can not, enabling the mind to both drop beneath and rise above the neuro-lingustics responsible for constructing many of life’s untenable challenges. Like a subtle energetic solvent, washing way the dross of our experience, sound can help us to access the post-verbal faculties of consciousness in such a way that wakes us up from our unconsciousness and facilitate states awareness where paradigm shifts and our innate inner luminosity is more readily available. Sound bathes our neurology with a kind of purifying water that brings our inborn wisdom online and clears a path for spirit to shine through, unobstructed by the pains of the past. And, when this intention guides the composition of a piece of music, these characteristics are profoundly enhanced.” ~Asa