About Source Vibrations

Source Vibrations music provides advanced vibro-acoustic tools for consciousness evolution.

Much of our music uses specially tuned brainwave entrainment technology to promote relaxation, brain-hemisphere synchronization, cognitive and bio-energetic development. We also feature several guided meditations and trans-personal hypnotherapy sessions designed to support the process of growth and development.

Drawing from ancient mystery teachings and modern science, Source Vibrations music offers listeners the opportunity to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, to support spiritual and self healing practices. To get the best results it is recommended that listeners download the hi-fidelity sessions from sourcevibrations.com and use them in conjunction with regular meditation.

Source Vibrations Music Creator, Asa

Asa is a musician, artist, technologist, meditation teacher, mystic, and distinguished producer in the field of ambient music, sound medicine and neuro-acoustics.

Combining his passions for music and spiritual evolution, Asa has developed a composition methodology that integrates principals from neuroscience, music theory, and the western mystery teachings, creating a library of audio products designed to promote healing and evolutionary change. Using sonic mysticism, Asa seeks to transcribe patterns of nature into the melodies and harmonies of music.

After completing hypnosis and NLP training in 2003, he began a clinical therapy practice that profoundly informed the way he would think about both music and evolutionary change. During this time he noticed key patterns in the process of healing that shaped his philosophy and inspiration for years to come.

In his words “…consciousness, like music, is vibrational in nature. This connection yields immense practical value in the science of consciousness and creativity. As we tease apart the hidden structures of music and the kosmos, an ever unfolding vista of beauty and goodness begin to shine through. Inspired by this, the music we create touches the heart in a way words can not, reaching past our armoring and nourishing us in the very place where we carry our sacred wounds transforming them into our greatest treasures.”