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  • 3rd Eye Soothing ~ 432Hz Brauer Motion

  • 444Hz Multidimensional Alignment


    A guided meditation to align body, mind and soul

    Length: 34 minutes

  • 528Hz Initiation of the Golden Sun


    This hour-long track is tuned to 528Hz and is composed of crystal singing bowls, pads and celestial chimes that ring in the solar winds. A perfect sonic environment for relaxation, healing, and meditation.

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    A Rare Convergence

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  • A Star’s Dream

  • Ambient Sleep 528Hz


    This hour-long 528Hz track will help you relax your nervous system so that you can sleep deeply.

  • Apex Signal


    Take a journey beyond the stars where your healed mind opens to the clear signal of truth.

  • Before I was Born I Am ~ Crown Chakra


    Music to soothe the soul and awaken the inner spirit.

  • Breathwork Session #1 ~ Healing Depression and Anxiety

  • Chakra Healing Sound Meditations

  • EVERYTHING – Vibonacci


    “Everything” is a luscious tapestry of vibrational energies, calling the soul to celebration.

  • Harmonic Mind Course


    Welcome to Harmonic Mind, a transformative 8-week meditation program that uses music and brainwave entrainment to guide you into non-ordinary states of awareness and deeper levels of meditation.

    There’s a spot for you.