Glyph Key Descriptions

Each of our programs are labeled with the symbols below so you can easily recognize the technologies in a particular product. 

Solfeggio FrequenciesSolfeggio Frequencies

These tones are derived from a number family group that has been assigned to hertz frequencies. From a form of number mysticism that uses modular 9 arithmetic, the solfeggio number family group is made up of 81 three-digit integers and expresses harmonic patterns behind light, sound and electromagnetism. Curious and spiritually minded psychonauts will find the solfeggio frequencies to be a valuable resource in the journey of self discovery.

432Hz Tuning432 Hz Tuning

A=432 Hz tuning is an alternative tuning to the standardized pitch of A=440 Hz. This tuning is known as the natural or philosopher’s tuning because its numeric attributes are aligned with fundamental mathematical properties like the golden mean, the platonic solids and many of the ratios and proportions of celestial objects. Due to the mathematical synchronicities present in this tuning, its proponents believe it to have a positive effect on listeners, conveying a harmonic quality that nourishes the body and the soul and putting us in the presence of nature’s elegant form.

Nested HarmonicsNested Harmonics

Harmonic nesting is a composition method that coordinates the elements of a piece of music in harmonic proportion with each other.  Source Vibrations employs this technique by coordinating the carrier frequency and binaural beats of the brainwave entrainment programs with the fundamental key of the music it’s embedded in, creating a mathematical symmetry within the harmonic structures.

Binaural Beats, Brainwave EntrainmentBinaural Beats

Binaural beat frequencies are a neuro-acoustic technology known to affect brainwave patterns. This technology allows listeners to entrain to or elicit specific brainwaves in order to experience their correlating states of consciousness. This technology is useful in many ways, from starting or deepening one’s meditation practice, to self-hypnosis for therapeutic change, to cognitive enhancement. State training with brainwave entrainment technologies can help bring about whole brain functionality, accelerate advancement in meditation and promote internal coherence.


Cryptophonics is the practice of encoding data sets from one discrete, seemingly separate context into its correspondence in sound. Colors, geometries, molecular structures and words can be transcribed into their acoustic correlates. In a practice referred to as sonic mysticism, cryptophonic encoding applies principles from the western esoteric tradition, providing composers with the means to convey insights and axiomatic discoveries through an artistic aesthetic. As a type of devotional practice, sonic mysticism explores mythopoetic forms and attempts to articulate them through the language of music to both celebrate their presence and call them forth through a symbolic sympathetic resonance.

Golden RatioGolden Ratio

Artists and architects have marveled at the golden ratio for centuries. This natural algorithm is primary to structures found throughout nature and has inspired great works of art. Source Vibrations uses the golden ratio in the deceleration protocol of our brainwave entrainment programs, aligning the time given to reach the target state in golden proportion to the duration of the session. The golden ratio is alternatively applied to the relationship between the carrier frequency and the target brainwave length. While the golden ratio can be applied to many areas of music or sound design, it is also inherently a part of sound and the structure of music itself. We believe that the presence of the golden ratio, applied strategically, can enhance the neuro-aerobic and aesthetic quality.