Source Vibrations Terms of Use


Source Vibrations music is the sole property of and is made available for personal use after purchase. Commercial and non-commercial public use of Source Vibrations content in any form must be done with expressed written permission, and fulfill the requirements of our terms of use policy detailed below.

Non-Commercial Public Use Authorization Requirements

To acquire authorization for non-commercial public use, please write to [email protected] detailing how you intend to use the material. All public non-commercial representations of the music, images, videos or text must be accompanied by credits and presented in a clear readable manner. Materials represented on the web must be accompanied by active links to (i.e. Youtube videos description line). Source Vibrations materials may not be altered for reproduction in any way without expressed individual permission. The credits should not be hidden or disassociated from the music, images or videos. See the usage rights Q & A section on this page for further guidance.

Commercial Permission Requirements

Resale of Source Vibrations content is prohibited without a signed licensing agreement or membership with our affiliate sharing program. If you would like to resell Source Vibrations material in any form, please contact [email protected] to ask about our affiliate sharing program and licensing options. Please include a description of how you would like to present and distribute the material. Source Vibrations materials may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by Source Vibrations or any Source Vibrations employee of a commercial product, service or organization.

No modifications may be made to Source Vibrations content without expressed written permission (with the exception of cropping, resizing in the case of images and shortening tracks, in the case of music). If you wish to record over the music (i.e. mediation scripts or instrumental and vocal layering) for the purposes of creating a commercial product, please contact [email protected] with a detailed description of the alterations, scripts, instrumentation and/or image layering to be added. Final product must be presented to us for approval before it is posted for distribution. We request a final copy of the product is sent to us to be indexed in our archive. If the music or visuals are changed significantly from the original work (apart from resizing, cropping), we require that the changes are mentioned after the credit line. For example “Original audio by, additional instrumentation and vocals by Name”. Retuning Source Vibrations audio is prohibited without exception. The embedded neuro-acoustic entrainment programs and/or frequency parameters must not be altered by tuning, warping, accelerating or decelerating tempo, or layering dissonant tones, instrumentation or vocals.


Scientific and personal experimentation is encouraged, and we greatly appreciate your feedback. Please inform us if you have or intend to publish periodicals, peer reviews or relevant data so that we can learn from your experience and further develop our audio production knowledge base. We would appreciate acknowledgments if you replicate our original publicly or privately disclosed production methods in your original works. Owners of external websites wishing to link to the website may use Source Vibrations name and/or art for the link, provided they have obtained prior authorization from and on the condition that such use is clearly identifiable as a web link.

By reproducing Source Vibrations material, in part or in full, the user acknowledges the terms on which such use is permitted. When in doubt, email us, at [email protected]. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have regarding terms of use.


Usage Rights Q&A

Q: How do I properly credit you in my Youtube videos containing your music?

A: In the credits at the end of the video include: “Original music by Source Vibrations” or other relevant descriptions such as “sound bed by Source Vibrations”  or “contributions from Source Vibrations”. Also, in the description box there will need to be relevant information about the specific content used, (i.e. from 528Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance) accompanied by an active link to


Q: Can I use your music and art in a youtube video that’s not for commercial use without crediting you?

A: No. Whether or not your content is being used for commercial purposes we require credits to be posted in the description box with an active link.


Q: Can I use your music as a sound bed for the hypnosis/meditation commercial product I’m making if I credit you?

A: In order to use Source Vibrations music for commercial products, you must fulfill the requirements of our commercial terms of use policy, including submitting your product to us for approval, signing up with our affiliate sharing program, and/or obtaining a licensing agreement prior to the release of your product.


Q: Can I record a hypnosis or meditation track over your music for personal use?

A: Yes, please do. We feel this is a great way to deepen the potency of our programs.


Q: Can I repost your videos and audio on my website if I purchased it and download it from your website?

A: No. Written permission must be given if you intend to host our content on any third party servers.


Q: Can I embed your soundcloud files and Youtube videos on my blog, facebook, twitter page or non-commercial website without crediting you?

A: Yes. The original source files provide sufficient credits, provided coding is not tampered with.


Q: Can I use your music as a sound bed in a part of my recording project, without crediting you, or signing a licensing agreement even though I’m making significant alterations that make your original work unrecognizable?

A: No. If you wish to use our music for reproduction in any form, you must fulfill our terms of use requirements.


Q: Can I use your artwork in my Youtube videos if I credit you?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I re-upload your videos to my Youtube, vimeo, or other video hosting page if I credit you?

A: No. This would qualify as a third party server. Any server that would restrict our access to the source file is prohibited without written permission.


Q: Can I re-tune your solfeggio music to A=432Hz if I properly credit you?

A: No. The harmonic structure of the music must not be altered.


Q: Can I host a Source Vibrations sound healing gathering using your music and charge money for it?

A: Yes. We do ask that you properly credit Source Vibrations and inform us of your plans to do so, so that we can endorse your event. We also require that you refer all music sales to us through, unless you are a member of our affiliate sharing program.


Q: I’m a DJ. Can I remix your music at a live event without crediting you?

A: Yes, as long as any set recordings have the proper credits included.


Our terms of use policy is designed to preserve the harmonic integrity of the music and the efficacy of the embedded entrainment programs (available in many of our products), as well as to promote compliance with copyright law. Royalty-Free, non-exclusive (for existing music) and exclusive licensing (for custom audio and/or video) agreements are made available by contacting [email protected].