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Combining both science and spirituality into its rich and diverse sonic environments, Source Vibrations offers an eclectic discography that’s used as sound healing sessions, tools for meditation and simply for listening enjoyment.

By far some of the BEST music I have ever listened to. The quality and uniqueness of this music is really addictive!

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Asa is a Frequency Mystic as well he is a Frequency Master ✨✨✨All his work is High Quality Vibrations...

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Asa – Composer of Source Vibrations

Source Vibrations is an ambient electronic music project created by solo artist Asa. It began in 2003 as a sound healing project that uses neuro-acoustics and sound healing principals from various spiritual traditions around the world.

Source Vibrations has released over thirty five studio albums, sound healing and guided meditation sessions including: Solfeggio Harmonics Vol. 1 (2009), 528Hz Golden OM ( 2011), Emerald Heart Ascendance (2011), Solfeggio Harmonics Vol. 2 (2015), Sound Asanas (2004), Sonic Medicine (2015), Conscious Dreaming (2015), Secret Fire (2015), Pineal Gland Activation (2016), Saturn’s Gate (2016), After Silence (2016), Out of Body Experience (2016), Celestial Navigation (2017), and the latest release Messages from Water (2020).

Masterfully Composed Soundtracks:

[audiotrack title=”Celestial Navigation” mp3=”″]

Over 110,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

Over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Over 8 Million Views

I would say, that the tunes provided by Source Vibrations are a Next Level, mind opening compositions, that will aid our path to self-discovery and spiritual growth. Hands down the best choice for sounds that can help creating a much needed space to balance and heal our state of mind and the body.

Their devotion to create new sounds and albums is impressive and i think they have set a very high standard and perhaps created a completely new genre for music, that can so effectively touch your deepest feelings and the soul.

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Source Vibrations is always moving towards the next creative horizon. Live events, collaborations, movie and TV soundtracks… contact media manager Shawn Suttle: shawn@sourcevibrations to work with Source Vibrations.


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