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Neutral Principle

☿ of the three primes or three supernals. The cosmic agency which rests both before and between the active and passive principles, and contains both in latent form in the premanifest condition. It integrates, synthesizes and balances opposites in a higher order unity as they come into being. It is the connecting link between polarity pairs fusing them into interdependent and interconnected compliments. i.e. hot and cold, light and dark, day and night, stillness and movement. It corresponds to the line between the yin/yang division, the Sattva guna in the vedic system, and the element Mercury in alchemy. With one part receptive and one part projective, it is at once a fluidic and crystalizing activity. Corresponding to Kether the Krown on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the root of the pillar of mildness, its neither masculine nor feminine but includes and transcends both.