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Meaning in essence “word made manifest”, shabda-brahman is transcendental or cosmic sound vibration, relating to the means by which creation comes into being through the verbal utterances of the Godhead. In the Nyaya Shabda refers to a unit of language, indicating that the specific forms of manifestation are correlated to the type of intonation, frequency or phrase given to it. The qualities of manifest things and beings then are particular tonal and syllabic expressions of verbal utterances. This idea holds that the Sanskrit language then is not merely representational, re-presenting symbols of objects and forms, but contains the actual substantive primordial qualities of forms within the vibrational utterances themselves. 

The Chaldean Hebrew language of the Kabbalists maintains this same proposition. The consonants and vowels representing an idea have a corresponding tone or frequency quality. When uttered or sung correctly resonate the corresponding value in the underlying atziluthic or archetypal material of the universe there-by drawing its powers onto the person singing the word or phrase. Through intoning particular utterances, especially in conjunction with the sacred knowledge of their meaning and nature, creates impressions on the fluidic substance of consciousness and the storehouse of patterning used to construct the body and personality. The most advanced technique in the work of self transformation then is the practice of intone words of power, in order to transmute the patterning of consciousness into its purified form.