Transformative 8-week Meditation Program

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We believe that technology aligned with spiritual wisdomcan radically enhance our access to the potentials of human consciousness.

Consciousness is the common denominator in all of our life experiences.
When we upgrade our consciousness,
our work, our relationships, and our whole world are upgraded along with it.

Join Harmonic Mind to gain access to non-ordinary states of consciousness, improve your cognitive capacities and emotional well-being, and connect with a practice community that will support your healing and awakening. Together we’ll discover an ageless wisdom through a modern evolutionary framework.

An Eight Week Meditation Program

Cultivating Global Brain Coherence

Your state training journey with Harmonic Mind begins with two daily listening sessions that establish the core of your practice. Over the eight weeks, you’ll listen to a series of audio sessions that incrementally deepen your state experiences. Along the way you’ll receive supplemental study materials that help ground your experiences within an understanding of a larger evolutionary framework.

What’s included in the course:

  • 12 high-quality brainwave entrainment audio tracks for you to download and keep forever
  • A listening schedule to guide your progress over the 8-week period
  • Supplemental educational content to deepen your understanding of the major brainwave states
  • Connection to a community of practitioners for ongoing support and motivation
  • Monthly live guided meditations on Zoom to enhance your practice
  • Quarterly live, half-day virtual retreats for deeper exploration
  • Membership in our exclusive Praxis community upon course completion
  • Email support for any questions or concerns

Level 1 Mastering Instant Alpha 

Weeks 1 & 2 establish the foundations of a meditation practice. You’ll be guided through the basic processes that become the core inner activities of every session. You’ll experience the alpha “flow” states that become your home base on and off the cushion.    

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Level 2 Activate Healing Theta

Weeks 3 & 4 focus on developing witnessing awareness during subtle states of consciousness. By accessing more subtle states of consciousness, you begin clearing your circuitry in order to surrender more deeply into profound meditation. 

Level 3 Profound Delta Meditation

Weeks 5 & 6 deepen your practice and further prepares your mind to return to the origin of thought. As your experiential knowledge of deeper states of consciousness becomes available, you’ll also learn to understand your experiences in the larger context of evolution’s purpose. 

Level 4 Harmonic State Stacking

Weeks 7 & 8 begin to train the brain into harmonic coherence by aligning the alpha, theta and delta bands for maximum integration. By tuning the full spectrum of brainwave frequencies into harmony, we profoundly enhance the range of experience we have access to and improve the flow of awareness and understanding between the various levels of our being.           

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Take a profound leap forward in your evolutionary development.

Our powerful binaural beat frequency programs are based on Asa’s 20 years of research and grounded in personal experience. By combining the science of neuro-acoustics with principles from music theory and the wisdom traditions, we’ve cracked the code to accelerated mind training.

Hear what they’re saying:

"This was so opening for me. I've had a meditation practice for years and for me it's rare to come across something like this that's so direct...this work is so effective."

A. R.Harmonic Mind Participant

"I'm used to training myself to meditate by taking my mind onto the body or the breath or by being led [in guided meditation]. Without these two modalities, I was unable to meditate without being disturbed by many thoughts...With your programs, week after week, I really could just let it go and observe. Thanks to your [program] I could observe how much I was controlling myself to not think or judging myself for how much I was thinking. Bit after bit I was encountering new layers of consciousness, diving deeper. This really was a beautiful experiment..I feel grateful because it's so simple."

Agnes M.Harmonic Mind Participant


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