A Journey Through
the Four Worlds

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In this guided meditation we take a journey through the four worlds. Here we are prompted to explore the radiance of light and the relationship of spirit to matter. On our life journey, as we evolve, we ascend through the layers of reality actualizing ever finer qualities of perception. Each new altitude comes with a new vista, a new cosmic address and sense of “I”. From matter and body, to mind, to soul and spirit, consciousness climbs the ladder of awareness to reach the heights of supernal light. Using creative visualization we reach upward and inward to aim our awareness at higher states of perception and stages of development.

The four worlds:

Assiah: The World of Action- Mater and the Gross material realm

Yetzirah: The World of Formation – Mind and the Subtle realm

Biriah: The World of Creation – The Transcendental Causal realm

Atziluth: – The World of Emanation – The Non-dual realm of pure Spirit.

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