The Perfect You ~ Guided Meditation


The Perfect You Guided Meditation is a 30 minute session containing 432 Hz music and a theta brainwave entrainment program.


Binaural Beats432Hz Tuning

Get to know The Perfect You. This guided meditation leads you on a deep journey of peace and comfort. Connect with the inner part of you that is always here, guiding, protecting, and nurturing you. Each and every time you feel the peaceful sensations in deep relaxation, you strengthen your relationship to this part of you. Your heart knows in great detail what you desire. As you imagine your perfect life, new textures of happiness unfold, as something profound begins to blossom within.

The 432Hz music accompanying this guided meditation contains theta binaural beat program, assisting you in reaching a state where evolution more easily occurs. Associated with the period between waking consciousness and sleep, in theta states the unconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions from self hypnosis. 

For brainwave entrainment program, stereo headphones are required.


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