Pineal Gland Activation + Calibration Package


Pineal Gland Activation solfeggio alpha meditation + Pineal Gland Calibration 432Hz theta meditation.


Binaural Beats432Hz TuningSolfeggio FrequenciesNested HarmonicsGolden RatioCryptophonics

~ 432Hz tuned
~ Solfeggio tuned
~ Brainwave Entrainment Technology
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Deceleration protocol perfectly aligned with the golden ratio
~ Made in the spirit of the awakening third eye
~ For relaxation and meditation

Related to the faculty of apprehension, the pineal gland or ajna chakra is the spiraling gland at the center of the human brain. Use this powerful meditation package, made in the spirit of the awakening third-eye, for relaxation, sound healing or meditation.

Pineal Gland Activation ~ a 936Hz solfeggio alpha meditation program. Length 22:04.
Pineal Gland Calibration ~ a 432 Hz theta meditation program. Length 42:46.

For brainwave entrainment technology, headphones are required.


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Pineal Gland Activation
Pineal Gland Calibration