Sonic Medicine



Sonic Medicine is ambient sound healing music designed for journeying. This album contains soundscapes using the 432Hz tuning method and one track tuned to the solfeggio tones.

Solfeggio Frequencies 432Hz Tuning Nested Harmonics Cryptophonics

~ 432Hz tuned
~ Solfeggio Tones
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Ideal for yoga, massage and float tank sessions

Sonic Medicine is a compilation of exotic tracks for sound healing and relaxation. This album contains an array of ambient and spacious soundscapes that use specific tuning methods like 432Hz and solfeggio healing tones to bring listeners into a state of harmony. This music provides for an enriching sound therapy session with its lush harmonies, resonant overtones, and mystifying textures. 


Released 2015.

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