Our team of researchers have embraced a journey to uncover and reveal the characters, symbols, maps, and technologies of our greater human narrative, infrastructure, and being. As we move forward in time, the world’s scholars, inventors, and explorers seem to learn more information, sciences, and ideas that feel to be reminiscent of echoes from a distant past.

What if we are not uncovering the past, but are unveiling the truth of humanities collective intelligence, as it was, as it is, and as it might also continue to be in the future?

In essence this is what the SIGLTARO project is about. We intended to bring ageless wisdom and esoteric sciences to the public through advanced modern technology such as Web3, blockchain, and Virtual Reality.

Our intention is to help with the ushering of our inherited wisdom to our world as it is today, in order to teach, heal, and help those who are ready to make their journey into our highest potentials individually and as a collective.

We are releasing our SIGLTARO glyphs as NFTs as a fundraising campaign in order to support our team of researchers and artists so we may continue to bring quality material and media to our world.

View our collection on OpenSea here

More information coming soon! Thank you for your interest and support ~