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Water is the basis for all life. In the beginning, the original electrical spark of life or abiogenesis, happened in a primordial puddle where carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen molecules where connected into RNA strands that began spontaneously assembling amino acids. Water provides the essential environment for emergence because its properties are themselves emergent. From hydrogen and oxygen its not obvious anything like wetness would come about, but it does. Its tetrahedral molecular shape and its habit of sharing of 2 free oxygen ions at very high speeds gives water its unique properties.

Even though water is made of 2 of the most common elements in the universe, it has a deep and mysterious nature. Its relationship to consciousness through bio-electricity is not well understood by science, but the mystery teachings have provided clues to help us learn to utilize its capabilities.

Research done by biomedical engineer Dr. Gerald Pollack indicates structured water may have significant health benefits, including improved hydration. As a “fourth phase” water can be organized into hexagonal sheets bringing the net ionic charge to negative. This helps the body use the water more efficiently, improving hydration and waste elimination among other things. Water can be restructured in a number of ways including exposure to UV light, infrared light and sound vibration.

But why 528Hz ?

We recommend experimenting with 528Hz to tune water because like water, this frequency has correspondences to the tetrahedron and the primordial blueprint of life itself. For example, in the harmonic series of 528Hz the number 231 is resonated. This number occurs in the Sepher Yeztirah “The Book of Formation” in describing the building of the universe. In the Sepher Yetzirah it says to combine the 22 Hebrew letters – the building blocks of creation – and meditate on their significance. The combinatorics of the 22 letters gives us 231 gates, as the book describes them.

Moreover, those versed in the western mysteries might also find it significant to note that the sum of integers from 0 to 32 is 528. The tree of life, made of the 10 Sephira and the 22 Hebrew letters making up the 32 paths of wisdom is the primordial blueprint of creation. 528 then represents the complete summation of this pattern.

These rather arcane examples may seem a bit obscure, but understood in context of the mystery teachings we can come to recognize that the numeric and geometric laws encoded in such works, describe the heuristics by which self organization occurs at the subatomic level, and the means by which emergence will call forth life and consciousness from matter.

528Hz is also the center of the electromagnetic spectrum vibrating the green color (transposed from visible light to the audible range) This accounts for why chlorophyl, the green part of plants responsible for converting light into energy, covers the Earth and provides the energy basis for the food chain.

The tetrahedron of the water molecule though isn’t equilateral, it has a more shallow bond angle of 104.5º where as an equilateral tetrahedron is 109.417º. It is my intuition, and the findings of Dr. Pollack also suggests, that the fourth phase of water is the result of the bond angles of the water molecule elongating from 104.5º to 109º or very close to it – at least in part. I suspect that vibrating water with 528Hz then elongates the tetrahedral bond angles.

We don’t know for sure how it works. In a blind taste test however, it is clear that the water has been changed after being “tuned”. There is a noticeable change in the tastes. It becomes sweeter and feels different texturally as if its wetter.

Try a taste test for your self and see if you notice a difference. Tune one glass of water and have another that hasn’t been tuned. Taste one after the other see if you can tell the difference. To download the audio file go to >> 528Hz Water Tuner