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I’m writing to celebrate Vibonacci – an artist and producer that I’m proud to publish through Source Vibrations Media. Vibonacci and Source Vibrations have been collaborating since 2016 when we produced “OBE”, and as his artist name suggests, we share a deep appreciation for the healing and mystical power of sound. 

Vibration + Fibonacci = Vibonacci

As a DJ, classical and jazz pianist, and multidimensional sound healer and producer, Beaux Tech Urioste of Vibonacci has a unique style that combines rich textural sound beds and soul-lifting melodies. I’ve had the great privilege to meet with him in the studio, and I’m blessed to receive and share with you the outpourings of these sessions as well as Beaux’s solo works.

One of the most remarkable things about Beaux is that whole pieces of music can come into being all at once. Krystaline Grid Matrix was born in one take over Zoom. We didn’t know we were going to produce a piece at the time and little editing happened on the back end. The whole piano ‘concerto’ in that piece emerged in a flourish of grace and then settled triumphantly on my desktop. I added some textural accompaniments, and that was it. If you listen carefully you can hear slight errors which we chose to leave because I think it preserves the authenticity of the experience and the magical moment of inception. There’s so much highly produced, “flawless” music out there that keeping it raw and real felt like an edgy and authentic move.

If you’ve been on lately, you’ve come across Beaux’s music. He’s recently released several new tracks I think you’ll enjoy – so many in fact, we gave him his own category in the download store.

Vibonacci performs from the future state of music, a genre currently abiding only in the astral plane. Tracks like “I AM Protected”,  “Schumann Resonance Miracle Tones” and “The Space Between” contain powerful, therapeutic resonance. In  “Love, Which is What You Are”, a spiritual transmission comes through a hip and celebratory vibe, thanks in part to the Alan Watts sample, and in “Signs and Wonders” you can feel the old and the new converging.

“When I’m gone I want to be Remembered as someone who created art and music from a heart centered place of unconditional love and pure kindness. Music that switches the heart on and reminds us of who we are and the power we each can access when we remember.”


I invite you to experience Vibonacci’s healing transmissions, and keep an eye out for our future collaborations.


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  • I AM a Violet Being of FIRE – LightBody Activation Music (Single)

  • Sale!

    Vapors & Waves – Inter-Dimensional Love Song ~ Vibonacci – Ascend Chill

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told ~ Vibonacci

  • 3rd Eye Soothing ~ 432Hz Brauer Motion

  • Signs & Wonders ~ Source Vibrations & Vibonacci

  • The Space Between ~ Compositions 1 & 2 ~ Vibonacci

  • I AM PROTECTED ~ Negative Energy & Fear Release with Epsilon Waves ~ 444Hz | 55.5Hz ~ Vibonacci

  • Schumann Resonance Miracle Tones with Whale Songs ~ 528.01Hz | 44Hz | 144Hz | 444Hz ~ Vibonacci

  • Love, Which is what You Are – featuring Alan Watts ~ Vibonacci

  • The Light Chamber Experience (Deep Healing Full Spectrum Dream Wave) ~ Vibonacci

  • Krystaline Grid Matrix 444Hz ~ Source Vibrations & Vibonacci (Single)

  • Music for Time Travel 444Hz + 1111Hz ~ Vibonacci (Single)

  • MONOLITH System-Check

  • EVERYTHING – Vibonacci