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With the last full moon of 2020 upon us on December 29th, the Capricorn – Cancer line of the wheel is energized. In the body, Cancer rules the breasts, which is at once the supply of nourishment and the enclosure that protects the heart, highlighting its two functions. Cancer, who is ruled by the moon, represents the Great Mother of the Zodiac. In esoteric astrology, Cancer is considered the Mother of All Form. Her gifts to humanity are the many vehicles that give physical expression to the One Life. As the matron of All, the Cancer vibration is the manifestation of Love as physical substance. All the forms of nature, celestial bodies and human vehicles, providing for the basis of all experience, have come through her.

The Divine Mother is the form-giving, eternal nurturer that guides and sustains all life. In her embrace we recognize that all of humanity, and our home, planet Earth are her children and therefore our brothers and sisters.

According to the mystical teachings, Cancer is connected to the intelligence of the House of Influence shown in The Chariot, Key 7 of the Tarot. On the Tree of Life it is that aspect of divinity which pours out from Binah (understanding) into Gevurah (Strength) so that the abstract principals giving rise to consciousness are given an enclosure within which to exist and evolve. Cancer is that expression of the divine feminine that clothes the essence of spirit into the garments of physical manifestation, bringing him out from beyond the void of infinite light into the realm of positive expression.

In the co-creation of the universe she receives into her womb the seed template of creation from Chokmah (wisdom, the Divine Masculine) cultivating, elaborating, and multiplying his primordial essence into definite qualities. These are qualities of deity on one level, but on the level of cognition they are also concrete ideas. And on the level of time-space it is physical matter itself. That which comes into being then consists of knowable attributes building what is in essence the structure of divine law. Where the cosmic masculine principal supplies an expansive seed of undifferentiated light, Binah shapes and molds it into specific forms, through which consciousness can come into being with bodies, and through which that consciousness can have understanding.

As the form builder, her domain is the watery womb of infinite space, where the oceanic substance, yet un-crystalized into objects and organisms, undulate in an endless expanse of possibility. As a mother, her body is the incarnating love that nurtures and embraces all that ever was or will be, as her own. And as the consort of the divine masculine, her magnetic, receptive, form-building power receives his light information and shapes it into the definite symbols and archetypes at the root of the image-making process in consciousness itself. Her form giving power provides the limitations needed to specialize the undifferentiated light in to more definite meanings, giving rise to language and the capacity for thought.

The relationship between the divine father / mother principal is a sacred co-creation of the universe, each supplying a key ingredient of the unfolding story of time and space.


Of Cancer it is written in the meditation on Cheth relating to the Chariot in the Book of Tokens:

I am the hedge of protection,
Enclosing the field of Existence.
In this field thou dwellest,
And I am thy defense,
against the darkness which is without.


It is through the limitations put on the undifferentiated light that specific things can be understood apart from the rest. A boundary or membrane exist between everything with differentiated qualities, creating an enclosure or house that sorts objects and subjects from each other. Her influence are those distinctions that set apart one thing from another so they can be put in proper order. Where a hedge, a fence, or a wall provides a barrier and a protective space on the inside, keeping out the wild chaos of what is outside, this sign highlights the importance of protecting of what is vulnerable, what must be allowed to grow in relative safety. Truth, beauty and goodness must be cultivated to assure the well being of life. And it is the Cancer archetype that applies nurturing love to the restrictions necessary for the natural order to be maintained so that truth, beauty and goodness can flourish in the world.

And so we see this idea in the sacred matriarchal imagery throughout the ages. Including the image of Mother Mary caring for the Christ Child. This image illustrates that one of the roles the divine feminine is to birth the Christ Consciousness, the higher evolution of humanity into the world.

Many have been anticipating and witnessing the resurgence of the divine feminine. This idea suggests the restoration of the feminine in her rightful place as equal in the world. Centuries of conflict resulting from the imbalance between masculine and feminine forces have lead to many wounds and a collective trauma that is at the heart of the worlds most intractable challenges. She is here to heal and correct us.

In many ways we have lost our connection to the feminine, receptive, and creative dimensions of life. Our inner feminine, whether we have a male or female body, is that aspect of our nature which is receptive, inclusive, universally compassionate, feels deeply and creatively and has a moral awareness that is able to correct the errors and misconduct of our human family. Our goal-oriented society has privileged masculine achievement at the expense of a greater unity and harmony with all life, and in many cases, at the expense of a truly ethical civil order.

As the divine feminine rises in the world through every woman and man, the mother archetype who nurtures and guides the world into a greater harmony will strengthen. The powerful love of her nurturing requires that she will also be disposing of chaotic elements and patterns that will not support our future evolution. Her advocacy for what is just and good will temper many human qualities that have led us to the crises we face in the world today.

The auspicious lunar eclipse occurring Friday creates a powerful opportunity for a deep realignment of the divine feminine and masculine aspects of our being. Reestablishing the proper balanced and reciprocal functions of these two sacred aspects of our consciousness is essential for transmuting patterns that will no longer serve us moving forward. To discipline with love is her super-power, and though many will feel the difficulty in cooperating with her correction at first, we will ultimately find our true freedom in it.

In Source Vibration’s meditation on the Great Cosmic Mother, we are honoring the divine feminine and entering an imaginal space of ritual where we can attune to her powerful essence. Using specifically tuned music and guided imagery that resonates with the Cancer vibration, we will practice receptivity to a higher will that will help to clothe our intentions into our future manifestations. Through her life-giving power, we will relinquish erroneous patterns held in subconsciousness and prepare the way to rebirth new ones. If we are to cultivate the new seed ideas bringing the new codes online, we must deeply align with the divine feminine principal and elevate it to its true place in the hearts and minds of our human family. Join me for a ritual of honoring her presence and power in our lives, in the Meditations Beyond the Zodiac.

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