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Welcome to Meditations Beyond the Zodiac : Introduction and Overview

In this course we are exploring the essence of the archetypes of the zodiac. Archetypes are the universal forms or the “original patterns” from which other things are constructed. They are considered to be the core template from which the soul and personality are made. Ancient myths tell the stories of the archetypes and how they came to be emblazoned in the starry vault of the heavens as the constellations.  They also offer timeless teachings about the nature of the human experience, psyche and soul.

In spiritual alchemy the archetypes represent the major life lessons, chapters or phases of transformation we go through on the journey of completing the Great Work. Viewed through the lens of astrology, we can identify the major themes that carry us through the cycles of our development. By learning about the subtle, interior aspects of our spiritual psychology we gain a deeper understanding of our inner essence. This enables us to work more consciously and skillfully with the patterns and processes of nature.

Using guided meditations accompanied by theta binaural beat music we will be working with deeper states of consciousness where we can gain access to the levels of mind where the archetypal template resides. As we journey into the archetypal realms, we activate their latent qualities bringing them up from unconsciousness into our conscious experience and understanding. This helps us to more fully express our unique soul template through our personality, and transmute any of the difficulties resulting from their underdeveloped or unbalanced aspects.

We each have a unique astrological configuration. The Sun sign, Moon sign and planetary positions provide us with a unique archetypal blueprint. Although we have greater amounts of some of the archetypes with in us, each of the 12 aspects are involved in shaping our personality and journey through life. By learning from each of them and their relationship to the larger pattern of Creation, we can significantly enhance our knowledge of our selves and the universe.

During this course you will receive 12 meditations that focus on the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. You will also receive some written materials that highlight the spiritual or transpersonal dimension of these symbols. This course is not meant as a means of teaching students to become astrologers or to draw natal charts and horoscopes. Instead, we are a focusing on the practice of self transformation through the use of the zodiac. In other words, we are engaging in a practice of participatory learning rather than through theory.

Many of you will likely have some knowledge of exoteric astrology or spiritual alchemy, but its not necessary to know anything to get value from this course. Each meditation is designed to provide benefit without any special insight or training. If however you are a student of astrology, you will likely find that this course touches more deeply on its inner workings than is typically available in astrology circles.

More About This Course

Each of the 12 meditations can be accessed at any time or downloaded to your personal device to practice with whenever you like. We will also suggest a specific meditation to use each full moon corresponding to the archetypal aspect that is currently active. This will provide us a means of entering into a synchronous rhythm with the natural cycles of the Moon, the Sun and the Stars.

In our modern world many of us have lost our connection with the natural cycles of life to some degree. By linking our awareness and self development practices to the cycles of the Moon we find a deeper sense of connection to the beauty of nature and its extraordinary intelligence. In fact, these cycles are always playing a significant role in our process of growth, but we are often unaware of the extent of it because we have not learned how to notice. In this course then we are developing the eyes to see and the ears to hear the patterns, rhythms and melodies that shape the song of our life.

This is a Course of Participatory Learning

Through participatory learning we find that rather than gaining only intellectual knowledge, we are self activating the archetypes within us. In other words, we are seeking to bring about a more embodied expression of the positive aspects of the archetypes within our character and personality. This can be achieved independent of intellectual understanding.

If however you do decide to take a deeper look at the zodiac as a typology system or as a means of examining human history and our future potentials, you will likely find that this course will have provided you with a kind of insight or way of seeing that will help you to excavate deeper layers of both astrology and mythology.

We also hope that you will find this course to be of practical value to your daily life, not only nourishing your natural connection to the deeper mysteries of being, but catalyzing personal transformations that will spill out into every area of your life. Though we are working with the esoteric or hidden level of our deep interiors, this type of work has a direct impact on the capacities we use to meet the challenges of everyday life. The esoteric then is not merely a route to awe and the wonderments of the great mystery, but a means to improve ourselves with an uncommon kind of skill.

Listed in the materials section of this course you will find recommended reading materials that I have found helpful in unfolding the insights of the zodiac. These are totally optional books for those who wish to go deeper. Much of the recommended reading is from ancient Greek mythology which many of us will be familiar with from high school and collage. Rereading them in thins context however will provide us with a deeper level of insight.

How to Experience this Material

To get the most out of this course its recommended that you listen during the synchronized full-moon meditations. Using headphones for best results find a quiet place to lie down where you wont be disturbed. The sessions will take you through a process of relaxation using hypnosis and guided imagery techniques. During the meditations we are using symbolic imagery to stimulate your intuitive insights and bring the positive qualities of the archetypes to the surface of your personality.

This process can be thought of as transpersonal hypnosis. Its different from conventional hypnosis in the sense that during conventional hypnosis, clients are using the trance state to address a particular problem or behavior. In transpersonal hypnosis we are using the trance state to support our spiritual development. This orientation emphasizes post-adult aspects of development, meaning that rather than trying to repair something in us that isn’t working properly or reaching into a improving our basic adult level functioning, we are working to experience self transcendence – going from our fully developed individual personality into that aspect of being which is more universal or transpersonal.

Since this course is by no means a comprehensive program for spiritual development it assumes that those who are taking it have begun a spiritual practice of some kind and are using this material as a supplemental tool to support other practices.

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