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On April 19, 2019 we have the second Libra full moon for the year.

During our March full moon meditation we took a visionary journey to the upper worlds – those planes above nature and its immutable laws – to the source of activity that initiates its pattern of movement. Libra in the western mysteries is called the Ox goad. It is the switch that strikes the beast of burden who carries the heavy load of the manifest. To goad means to instigate in to action. Like the bull that carries the plow tilling the fertile soil, the Ox is that initiating principal of Spirit which is the engine of all its activities. The goad then drives Spirit forward, assuring the harvest to come will be a success.

Libra is considered the worker, the lord of Karma and of the law of cause and effect, which brings about the conditions for justice in the world. Having to do with balance, in the most inclusive and abstract sense, this attribute of the universal law is ever working throughout the Kingdoms of mind and matter to draw the All toward a dynamic equilibrium between the many polar pairs of existence. Positive and negative, birth and death, right and wrong, beginnings and endings, the law of cause and effect is ever toiling to steer evolution toward the goal of creation.

Libra is across from Aries on the wheel, the first sign and the initiatory power of the One Life. Together these two attributes make up one central principal. During a full moon, the sun and moon are in opposition to each other. Opposites between the sun and the moon through the 12 signs represent the two polar pairs that make up the 6 major astrological archetypes. Aries and Libra then make up the two parts of the central activity of causation and initiation. Mentally, Aries represents Reason and the faculty of vision. It is that aspect of mind that can survey the field and respond appropriately to what is.

Together Reason and Balance are joined in the shared activity of right seeing and right action. Since balance requires a clear seeing of the two sides to any situation, this polar pair works to bring about the proper conditions for harmony and justice, both personally and collectively.

This month’s full moon meditation

During this Libra full moon, we are also publishing the Aries meditation to supplement our repeat of the Libra meditation. Those who have already done the Libra meditation from last month may choose to use the Aries meditation in the morning – as the moon is technically full around 5:15AM MST. Or, you might enjoy doing both of them back to back.

Join us for a year a guided full moon meditations.

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Libra Correspondences

Deity: Themis – Goddess of Justice

Element: Air

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Color: Deep Green

Musical Note: F#

Hebrew Letter: Lamed

Tarot Key: 11

Virtues: Harmony & Equilibrium

Activity: All Action