Brainwave Entrainment

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  • Deltapoiesis 396Hz ~ Solfeggio Algorithms NO.3


    Deltapoiesis is part three of a comprehensive series of lush music pieces composed for creating sacred ritual spaces, facilitating sound healing and neuro-acoustic meditation sessions. Each specially tuned meditation experience is designed to progressively acclimate listeners to deeper states of awareness.

    View the entire Solfeggio Algorithms Level 1 series here.

  • Empty Abiding ~ 111Hz Alpha Meditation


    Empty Abiding is a one hour 111 Hz solfeggio alpha meditation program for alertness and focus.

  • Lucid Bliss ~ Alpha Meditation


    Lucid Bliss is an alpha brainwave entrainment program using tibetan bowls, gentle tones and lilting sounds of water. This session offers a deeply relaxing resource for your meditation practice.

  • Gabriel’s Trumpet ~ 432 Hz Theta Meditation


    Gabriel’s Trumpet is a 30-minute 432 Hz theta meditation program for trance, deep meditation, and dreaming.

  • Touch ~ SMR Entrainment


    Touch ~ SMR is an 8-minute entrainment session that is live recorded and designed to give your brain a boost.

  • Pentagogy ~ SMR Entrainment


    Pentagogy is an 8-minute live recorded session containing SMR entrainment technology and is designed to give your brain a boost.

  • Saturn’s Gate ~ 432 Hz Live Sound Transmission


    Saturn’s Gate is a live 30-minute 432 Hz sound transmission with a theta brainwave entrainment program.

  • Secret Fire ~ 432 Hz Live Sound Transmission


    Secret Fire is an hour-long 432 Hz ambient live improvisation in 2 parts.

  • Blue Radiance ~ Alpha Brainwave Reset


    Blue Radiance is a free 3-minute alpha brainwave entrainment program to reset after deep meditation sessions.