Solfeggio Algorithms ~ Level 1


Solfeggio Algorithms Level 1 is a comprehensive 3 hour series of lush music pieces composed for creating sacred ritual spaces, facilitating sound healing and neuro-acoustic meditation sessions.


It is recommended that each program is used in consecutive order from 1 – 3, spending 3 to 6 weeks with each session.      

Each successive audio program is designed to progressively acclimate listeners to deeper brainwave states. 

Level 1 includes with Alphastasis, Thetagenesis, and Deltapoieisis.

As indicated by their names Alphastasis elicits alpha brainwaves, Thetagenesis elicits theta brainwaves and Deltapoeisis elicits delta brainwaves.

The music is tuned and carefully composed to correspond to a particular set of frequencies which some esotericists and occult mathematicians consider to be significant. 


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