deep sound healing

Deep Sound Healing ~ 432 Hz Theta Meditation


Length 01:58:53

Product Description

Deep Sound Healing is a powerful 432 Hz tuned theta brainwave entrainment program.

Binaural Beats 432Hz TuningNested Harmonics

Drift into a dreamlike state. Open yourself to a new level of wellbeing with Deep Sound Healing. In theta states the unconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions, and this state of consciousness is associated with trance, deep meditation, dreaming and visions.

This brainwave entrainment program is very powerful. If you experience irritability or mood shifts, discontinue use for a few days. Please drink plenty of water, and be gentle with yourself.

To receive the benefits of the brainwave entrainment program, listen to this track with headphones.  To simply bathe in the resonant sounds, play through speakers.