Conscious Dreaming ~ Delta Meditation


Conscious Dreaming is a 432 Hz delta brainwave entrainment program. Use this tool for deep meditation.


432Hz TuningBinaural Beats

This delta entrainment audio program contains tibetan overtones and undulating drones sound behind a curtain of rain. This meditation is powerfully effective in stimulating a dreamlike state while also prompting wakefulness at certain intervals. Use this track to fall asleep at night or as a backdrop to your meditation practice.

Delta programs can be used as a sleep aid, helping listeners get to sleep more quickly and rest more deeply. They can also have a profound impact introducing transcendental states of awareness when used as a meditation tool.

For brainwave entrainment technology, please use stereo headphones, or to purely receive the benefits of 432 Hz overtones in the body, play through high quality speakers.


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