Harmonic Mind ~ December 6th – January 31st


Harmonic Mind is an 8-week meditation course designed to support you in effortlessly entering non-ordinary or meditative states of awareness that are generally only available as a result of many years of disciplined meditation practice.

What the course entails:

  • Two 20-minute audio sessions per day – one in the morning & one in the evening
  • 4 live calls on Zoom
  • An Evolutionary Partnership with a participant going through the course
  • Supplementary video & written materials to help you deepen your understanding of the states of consciousness
  • A live, half-day (virtual) retreat on week 6 to help you ground these states in your awareness
  • Email support throughout the 8 weeks
  • Plus a few more surprise gifts along the way

Our course begins December 6th. There’s a spot for you.

If you are unable to complete the course or discover that this isn’t for you, refunds are available until December 11th.


Harmonic Mind is an 8-week meditation course that will support you in gaining first hand experience of the major brainwave states and knowledge of how to access these states in an ongoing way.

You will be provided with brainwave entrainment audio tracks that are 20 minutes in length (yours to download and keep in your library) to listen to every morning and evening. Each of these tracks is specially created to guide the brain from waking consciousness into meditative states in increasing depth over the 8 week period. We’ll host three live calls over our time together where you can share your experience and ask questions, plus you’ll be paired with an Evolutionary Partner who is enrolled in the course with you. We’ll also have one live, half-day (virtual) retreat (and a few more surprise gifts along the way!).

Those who have completed the course have reported that Harmonic Mind has helped them in creating a sustainable meditation practice that has continued for more than 12 weeks beyond the end of the course. Many have shared that this was a profound learning experience for them.

There is no prerequisite to join Harmonic Mind, though if you’ve taken our State Training with Brainwave Entrainment e-course, this is the perfect next step. This course is designed for those who have a meditation practice they would like to deepen. Beginners are also welcome.

We look forward to this journey with you.

Live Call Dates:

Welcome Call, Alpha States – December 4th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Call #2, Theta states – December 18th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Call # 3, Live, Virtual Retreat – Sunday, January 2nd, ***8am-11am Mountain Time

Call #4, Delta States – January 15th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Final Call, Gamma + Looking Ahead – January 29th, 10am-11am Mountain Time

Technical Specifications: In order to access the high resolution audio programs it is recommended that you have a high speed internet connection. Downloads are also available as an alternative to streaming.  

If you have any questions about Harmonic Mind, please email [email protected]

If you cannot afford the course due to present hardship, please contact [email protected] with a line of explanation for our heavily discounted rate.