The Complete Source Vibrations Library

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The complete Source Vibrations Library contains over 36 hours of our sound healing music, brainwave entrainment meditations, and guided sessions. 432 Hz and solfeggio audio programs for relaxation, meditation and journeys beyond.

Enjoy exploring your inner world in our sonic environments.


1. 528Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance

2. 528Hz Golden Om Fractal

3. After Silence

4. Associating with Wholeness

5. Blue Radiance

6. Celestial Contemplation Gamma Meditation

7. Celestial Navigation with Gamma Binaurals

8. Conscious Dreaming Delta Meditation

9. Cosmic Shores Delta Meditation

10. Dark Moon 432Hz Sound Transmission

11. Deep Sound Healing Theta Meditation

12. Gabriel’s Trumpet Theta Meditation

13. Hypnosis for Super Creativity

14. Lucid Bliss Alpha Meditation

15. Meditation Beyond the Cosmos

16. OBE Out of Body Experience Vibonacci & Source Vibrations

17. Pineal Gland Activation Alpha Meditation

18. Pineal Gland Calibration Theta Meditation

19. Saturn’s Gate 432Hz Sound Transmission

20. Secret Fire 432Hz Sound Transmission

21. SMR Groove Entrainment

22. Solfeggio Algorithms – level 1

23. Solfeggio Energy Tuners

24. Solfeggio Harmonics Vol. 1

25. Solfeggio Harmonics Vol. 2

26. Solfeggio Master 1122Hz – Active Alpha

27. Sonic Medicine

28. Sound Asanas

29. Submerge | 4 hour Entrainment Package

30. The Perfect You ~ Guided Meditation

31. We Dreamt 8 Hour Lucid Dreaming Sleep Session

32. White Gold

33. Womb of Peace