Secret Fire ~ 432 Hz Live Sound Transmission


Secret Fire is an hour-long 432 Hz ambient live improvisation in 2 parts.


Binaural Beats 432Hz Tuning Cryptophonics

You are invited to realize the truth of your existence.
It will be as an all consuming fire, a devouring flame, a cessation.
For from what you come you must return.
And now, threefold, you are born and live and die.
But neither this, nor any ritual in which the dance of death delights
can ever bring death to the eternal.

This audio session contains a theta binaural beat program. Associated with the period between waking consciousness and sleep, in theta states the unconscious mind is more receptive, and change and healing more readily occur.

For binaural beat technology, stereo headphones are required or listen on high-quality speakers to bathe in the resonant sounds.


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Secret Fire pt.1 ~ sample

Secret Fire pt.1 (poem) ~ sample

Secret Fire pt.2 ~ sample