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Secret Nature of Numbers

Unlike language, numbers are not merely intellectual abstractions or arbitrary ideas. They exist whether or not the human mind has defined them or assigned arabic numerals to describe them to himself.  They exist as the inherent codices of creation.

Numbers lie at the heart of existence behind the very fabric of the material universe. From the singularity of the pre big-bang to the vastness of multiplicity iterating throughout infinity, numbers are fundamental to all substances, structures and laws of nature. Regardless of where in the universe or the scale of formation, from atoms to molecules to cells, from planets to galaxies and beyond, one ubiquitous and consistent property underlying all of it is the presence of number. Numbers are both simultaneous and sequential, linear and non-linear, as the inception of one gives rise to all others instantaneously from 0 to 9 and all of their possible permutations.

Numbers provide a powerful tool for centering intention on a particular meaning.

Behind the outer form of numbers are the cosmic principals enacting their essence through the manifestation of their sequence, formations, flow and the dynamism of their exchange. Esoterically, they provide a means to apprehend and engage the subtle and causal levels of creation by hinting at their hidden pre-material essence. Music is a medium through which the essence of numbers can be brought into audible vibrational expression.


In sonic mysticism, numbers make up a focal point for the transmission of intention, in a similar way that words make up the contents of a prayer.

In themselves they are not causative, but in the collaboration with the conscious faculty of reason, the higher mind and the subtle field of the heart, numbers can provide a means to transmit trans-verbal or numinous ideas and healing intentions.  The esoteric meaning of numbers can provide a practical method through which composers, sonic mystics and alchemists can “encode” specific healing intentions or data modules into their music. It can be a type of cryptophonics – the encoding of information from a separate domain into the domain of sound. It can also be a type of meditation where numbers are used to connect with the universal principal behind them. When considering a frequency’s “spiritual” meaning or function, asking What does it do? or What is it for? or What does it mean? it might help to use the list below as an entry point to a deeper understanding.

Secret Nature of NumbersFrequencies, at least those in the audible range, are often three digit numbers. One way to look at them is to consider that each number in the sequence has a particular context, much like the positions in a tarot spread. In a three card spread, the card on the left often represents the past, the card in the center represents the present and the card on the right represents the future. Similarly, with frequencies we might have the number on the left represent the essence or primordial principal of the intention or idea, the number in the center represent the agency through which that principal is expressed, and the number on the right represent the area, domain or attribute that the essence is being directed to.

Through this formula: Essence, Agency and Domain, we can select the number that represents the principal we want to convey, the helper or messenger that would best convey the principal, and the aspect of mind or “address” where the message would be received.  This might give some insight as to why Source Vibrations track titles are named the way they are. It should be noted, though, that the exoteric treatment of such ideas won’t adequately understand or apply this formula – meaning that the rote, rational, memorized way of transcribing them leaves out the important parts. Rather it’s the inner, esoteric, higher mind/heart awareness that makes the difference. But, in whatever way is most meaningful to you, if you have the inclination, this formula can provide an inroad to connect with hidden meaning behind the common use of numbers.

The Esoteric Meaning of Numbers

0 – The Scintillating Intelligence – Superconsciousness. No – thingness, eternity, infinity, wholeness, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

1 – The Transparent Intelligence – Self Consciousness. Thingness, creation, unity, individuation, beginning, initiative, originality, singleness, isolation, focus, single-mindedness.

2 – The Uniting Intelligence – Subconsciousness. Duplication, reflection, copying, transcription, reproduction, memory, duality, mystery, concealment, illusion.

3 – The Luminous Intelligence – Imagination. Multiplication, preservation, conservation, ingress and egress, transmission, diffusion, dissemination, division, partition, administration, development, growth, unfoldment, expression.

4 – The Constituting Intelligence – Reason. Order, measurement, classification, recording, tabulation, governance, rulership, guidance, leadership.

5 – The Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence – Intuition. Mediation, adaptation, means, agency, activity, process, listening, tradition, perpetually, consistency, humility.

6 – The Disposing Intelligence – Discrimination. Balance, equilibration, symmetry, beauty, harmony of opposites, reciprocity, complementary activities, polarity, love.

7 – The Intelligence of the House of Influence – Receptivity to Divine Will. Enclosure, protection, defense, specific location, cultivation, shielding, safeguarding, refuge, safety, rest, security, victory.

8 – The Intelligence of the Secret of all Spiritual Activities – Suggestion. Rhythm, alternate cycles of involution and evolution, vibration, oscillation, flux and reflux, enthusiasm, power, expansiveness, repetition.

9 – The Intelligence of Will – Response. Completion, attainment, fulfillment, the goal of endeavor, the end of a cycle of activity, pleasure, intention, purpose, determination.

10 – The Rewarding Intelligence – Rotation. The law of cause and effect, apprehension, correction, fortune, optimism, generosity, gratitude, fulfillment, attainment, grasping.

11 – The Faithful Intelligence – Equilibrium. Justice, order, action, balance, poise, exactitude, accuracy, impartiality, equity, teaching, instruction.

12 – The Stable Intelligence – Reversal. Surrender, patience, sacrifice, mystical revelation, devotion, purpose, renunciation.

13 – The Imaginative Intelligence – Transformation. Fertility, fecundity, productiveness, generative power, origin, source, mainspring, groundwork, leavening, desire, love in action.

14 – The Intelligence of Probation – Trial. Testing, verification, authentication, refinement, application, reinforcement, proof, demonstration.

15 – The Renewing Intelligence – Bondage. Materialism, confusion, slavery, dissonance, incongruity, temporality, separation, humor, volition, intuition, potential for change.

16 – The Exciting Intelligence – Awakening.  Disruption, dismantling, liberation of the will, the end of falsehood, clarification, humility, shock, freedom, clarity.

17 – The Natural Intelligence – Revelation.  Meditation, transformation, liberation, dissolution of illusion, sincerity, inward focus, intention, communion.

18 – The Corporeal Intelligence – Organization.  Arrangement, physicality, solidity, actualization, instinct, cycles, evolution, mystery, passion, orderly complexity.

19 – The Collective Intelligence – Regeneration. Assembly, combining, unification, embodiment, conciliation, radiance, joy, fullness, attraction, resolution, illumination.

20 – The Perpetual Intelligence – Realization. Judgment, correction, resurrection, re-birth, adaptation, recapitulation, continuity, resolution.

21 – The Administrative Intelligence – Cosmic Consciousness. Celebration, finality, certainty, complete liberation, universal mind, enacting through individuated expression.

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