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The Subtle Effect

The Subtle Effect is now available on:

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Episode 2 | The Road to the Inner Teacher is now LIVE.

In society’s complexity we are afforded many technological gifts, but along with these gift come many challenges.

In this podcast, Katherine explores the responsibilities that come with living in a global community and encourages us to resource ourselves by stepping into a living inquiry where deeper emergent responses become available.

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We’re honored to also be hosted on The Amplifield. The Amplifield is a digital temple. A global meditation room. A field to connect with change-makers, teachers, and those who know that Love is the answer.  While you tune in, you can see who is watching with you and where they are in the world. Make sure you look around The Amplifield after the podcast to see what other amazing events are taking place.

Listen to The Subtle Effect Ep. 2 on The Amplifield