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the subtle effect podcast

Update: Since this was published, Episode 1 has become available on The Amplifield. To listen to Episode 1, click here.

Thank you all for such an incredible response to Episode 1 of The Subtle Effect Podcast, Conversations at the Intersection of Creativity + Activism. If you haven’t heard Episode 1 with Stuart Davis yet, you can listen here on our Youtube channel, here on Soundcloud, or find it on iTunes or Google Play.

Episode 2 is due out in July, and this time, in addition to all the places you can already find us,

The Subtle Effect Podcast will be broadcasting from The Amplifield.

The Amplifield is a digital temple, a global meditation room, and a space where incredible, global, synchronized events are happening. One of the really cool features of The Amplifield is that while you’re listening to a program, you can see who is listening with you and where they are in the world.

Source Vibrations has some really amazing programming scheduled there in the next few months, so be sure to stay tuned. You can go ahead and set up a free profile on The Amplifield today so you can be sure to get notified when incredible events are taking place there.

What’s Coming Up

In Episode 2, I name some of shadows I see lurking around including the US’ billion dollar defense fund, the wars for oil and the dependence on third-world nations for first-world comforts. I ask some of the questions many of us are asking: What is it that I can do to help? I name my fear to even look at some of the issues that are facing our world, as they can feel too big. As always, there’s poetry, story, and I share with you from the heart.

In Episode 3, I am honored to have David Nicol on the show. David is the author of the book Subtle Activism and founder of the Gaiafield Project as well as the Institute for Subtle Activism. He also co-founded BeThePeace, one of the world’s largest global meditation events that occurs annually. Throughout his book, David beautifully outlines messages that are dear to me and that are central to The Subtle Effect podcast. And more importantly, he enacts them through his work world-wide as a subtle activist. David will also be hosting some incredible events on The Amplifield in the coming months and you can hear more about these events on The Subtle Effect podcast.

Thank you for listening. I look forward with confidence to all that is to come.