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Source Vibrations sound technologies use 432Hz tuning, solfeggio frequencies and brainwave entrainment to support your healing and meditation practice. Through the use of sound technologies listeners are able to improve brain function, deepen their meditation practice and fill ceremonial spaces with intentional sound. Combining neuro-acoustic science and insights from the wisdom traditions around the world, our audio sessions are designed to help listener enter states of consciousness known to accelerate the natural process of healing and spiritual evolution.

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Reduce anxiety, heal depression and get a better nights sleep.

Begin or deepen your meditation practice. 

Use conscious music in your ceremonial practices.

Discover non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Transcend limiting patterns of thinking and feeling. 

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Source Vibration features advanced, mathematically, and spiritually based approaches to brainwave and subtle energetic entrainment. Our programs are enriching the emerging field of vibro-acoustic technologies to support you in experiencing deeper states of consciousness, emotional healing, personal transformation.

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Meditations Beyond the Zodiac

Join us for monthly full moon guided meditations that explore the trans-personal essence of the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. Using resources from hypnosis, and the deeper essence of Astrology Asa guides you through 12 journeys along the path of the moon. Members will receive monthly email reminders with meditation times, and information regarding the spiritual meaning behind the Zodiac. Drawing from Jungian Pyschotherapy, depth psychology and Greek mythology, Asa re-frames Astrology to reveal its true import as a resource revealing the secret spiritual knowledge that aids seekers on the path of return.

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