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Adeptship on the path of spiritual evolution can be indicated by one’s capacity for generosity. The One identity at the root of being has a continuous connection to the Source of all that is and so nothing is ever truly lacking. True generosity, which is more than just charitable giving, stems from the recognition of the eternal supply at the heart of the I AM presence.

The Originating Principal of the Universe, the life power itself, is bringing into being all that is. This reality, when seen directly, completely reorients the adept from the realm of personal activity to one of universal activity.

To the personality everything seems limited. Our values and motivations seem to come from us, for us. From the level of personality we make the assumption that our personal thoughts, feeling and actions are self caused. What we have gained in life came from our own efforts, and what we give to others also comes from us.

From this orientation, we depend on ourselves for everything. It seems that what we withhold we keep and what we give away we lose. There seems to be a finite supply of all needful things, so to help others, we must first feel that we have enough of what we would give away. In all we do we calculate the personal benefit to ourselves. We measure our success in life not by what we are or what we give, but by what we have. So it seems then, that service to others requires a sacrifice of our own self interests.

“For the apprentice of wisdom, the personality is but the mask of the One true identity seated in the heart of everyone.”

Unconditional generosity seems impractical. There is only so much we can do. And unless our own interests are prioritized, we run the risk of diminishing ourselves by serving others. But for the adept of the path of wisdom, the personality is but the mask of the One true identity seated in the heart of everyone. All mental activity, emotional activity and volition have their origin in the One Will at the root of being. From this recognition stems the sentiment that Jesus shared when he said, “I of myself can do nothing.”

This statement shows the understanding that personality is not the source of our actions but rather the vehicle through which the life power is transmitted into the world. When we are dependent on ourselves and what we have accumulated from the world, we are bound to the limits of our own capacities. But when we are dependent on the universal life power emanating from the One Identity, we are unfettered from the laws of lack and the limitations of our own personalities.

Ceres - An Allegory of Summer Louis de Boullogne (1657-1733)

Virgo is the Zodiacal sign that represents the unconditional will to good that is capable of giving all to all. It is represented by the maiden of the harvest because like nature’s indiscriminate generosity which provides for us our essential sustenance through its cyclic and perpetual fecundity, the virgin intention is one that produces without the motivation for personal benefit.

Exoteric astrologers say that Virgo natives are detail oriented, critical, industrious, methodical and efficient. The archetype of Virgo is primarily concerned with bringing about the best possible circumstances for others – and it is keenly aware of the transcendent perfection that is the true nature and birth right of all beings.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents the discerning capacity of self-conscious thought. This is why the Virgo archetype is able to see what is out of sorts, or what is missing from every circumstance. Its incredible attention and discrimination is aimed at what is incomplete so that it can help to bring about the conditions necessary for completion. In its critiques of what is out of alignment is also its proclamation of the perfection that is not only attainable but is in fact the always already present reality of the One Identity.

Virgos have the reputation for modesty, humility and piety. This is because they know in the heart of hearts that the real value they bring into the world is not about them but rather comes from the improvement of circumstances that their selfless contributions can bring about for others.

At the summit of evolution, this archetype embodies the recognition that the one true doer is the One Identity at the foundation of all personal activity. The intuition of perfection that it serves comes from the knowledge that each and every one of us is destined to reach the summit of evolution through the complete realization of the one true giver of life. Its service to the destiny of creation and evolution is not a personal activity, but a transpersonal one. It seeks to illuminate the path to the perfect realization of this ageless truth. And as this offering is given it is increased.

We all have within us each of the archetypes of the Zodiac. As we open ourselves to the wisdom that each of them can provide, we prepare a place in our personalities for them to be enacted in and through us.

Whether or not we are natives of Virgo or have any planets in Virgo in our natal charts, Virgo can teach us that we need not depend on ourselves alone to be of service to others, but that the life power itself seeks its expression in and through us. It is in fact the primal will to good inherent in the life principal itself that seeks to give.

Unconditional generosity is not a personal activity and so it is not bound to the limits of our personalities. To trust in this is a true miracle because it happens despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Virgo Correspondences

Deity: Demeter – Goddess of the Harvest

Element: Earth

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Color: Yellow Green

Musical Note: F

Hebrew Letter: Yod

Tarot Key: 9

Virtues: Grief & Compassion

Activity: Service