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inner teacherInside of each of us is a latent capacity awaiting our actualization.

What is sometimes called the inner teacher, the higher mind, or the soul is that aspect of your consciousness that fully understands your purpose. It is your wholeness navigator, that part of you that knows why you’re here, what you are capable of and what will ultimately fulfill you. It is your point in the heart where the plan of creation and the knowledge of the path is known to you. It is both highly personal – being your true self, and universal – being one with the source of all life. It includes and transcends your humanness as your higher self.

Activating the Higher Mind

This part of the mind requires activation. Since it is subtle, being deeper than thought, and being partly atemporal (out side of time), identifying and working with it takes practice. This aspect of you is beyond the linear, time based thinking and feeling of ordinary consciousness. It is beyond your memories, beliefs and learned knowledge but also has access to all these things in you. It is unconditioned by fears, cultural programing and false knowledge and the perceptual errors that lead to “mistakes”.

Because of its station, perched within and beyond your self-hood, it knows exactly what is in your best interest in everything. In every situation, whether it’s a major life decision or a seemingly benign one, this part of you has a full understanding of what is going to be most helpful to you. It knows why you’re here, where your potential lies and has very specific guidance to give you to fulfill it – if you’ll listen.

The Heirophant as an Archetype for the Higher Mind

inner teacherThe Taurus archetype is that part of the collective soul of humanity that pulls the plow of evolution. It is a kind of engine that moves us forward on the path of return, knowing both the beginning and ending result of all our actions. In tarot, Taurus is depicted by the Hierophant and the Hebrew letter Vav which means nail, the connecting link between time and eternity, causes and outcomes. It is the bond that fastens together all parts of the fabric of existence. It is the knower of the mysteries and the link that joins together the plan of creation with its ultimate goal.

On a transpersonal level, this nail or fastening is the root of the sense perception of hearing, joining the path of wisdom to the revelation of mercy. For in wisdom the benevolence of creation is revealed in its ever expanding purpose. For us, in the world of separate parts and the multitude of variety, it is the bridge between the one and the many, so that however divergent and varied the life expression becomes, it remains one and equal to its source.

When the confusion of the world clouds the mind, it is that which remains ever unperturbed, knowing the true function and destiny of all that seems to be. When we learn to tune into this part of our nature, we are profoundly nourished. In listening to its guidance, we are given instruction as to the right actions we are to take in the world and the right interpretations of what things mean. It is a voice offering instructions moment to moment, counseling us on what to do.

The True Capacities of the Higher Self

We often imagine we are alone. We might feel we must rely on ourselves for everything. That our victories and failures depend on our own capacities. But this illusion is dispelled in the direct experience of the higher self. The higher self is infinitely more competent than we are of ourselves. When Jesus said “I of my self can do nothing”, he was speaking of this part of our consciousness. To take this statement seriously and begin practicing total reliance on wisdom from above is to begin to surrender ourselves to an intelligence free from error.

We can sometimes feel that we are not capable, not good enough, or skillful enough to do the things we dream of. This might be true, but in the infinite mercy and benevolence of creation we are given a guide. Some part of us is capable. The triumphant and eternal intelligence of the God force within us is capable of performing the actions within and through us.

To begin to build a conscious relationship with this aspect of our inner being, is the beginning of our true will and radical freedom. To listen to its guidance is no small task. When we can come to stillness, taking an inner posture of receptivity, we begin to open to its influx of guidance. Slowing down the mind and presenting the sincerity of our sacred intention to be led by truth is all that is required.

Experience The Inner Teacher with this Guided Meditation

In Source Vibrations’ meditation, The Art of Sacred Listening, we’ll practice this opening, experiencing for ourselves that we do not need to rely on the “I of ourselves alone”. We are in fact guided moment to moment by an intelligence in us that is beyond all errors and confusion. Please join us in the intention to hear the voice of the inner teacher. Details about this meditation and our Full Moon Meditation membership are below.

We can go much deeper together. Tune in with our synchronized full moon guided meditation. Begins 11/12 @ 7 pm MST

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