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Hi-resolution Audio Program: 174Hz Manifesting True Intentions

Everything is encoded. Everything in existence is ordered according to a blueprint or code. The structure of physical matter, the bodies of organisms, complex dynamic systems and all things under the sun are self-organized according to a template made from subtle and causal frequency information. The blueprint of your body, your personality, mind, your past and your future are written in frequency information. And, it’s always being updated or edited with your current energy.

To consciously encode your blueprint is to take control of the fundamental level of reality and become the programmer of space-time. For some this may seem “unscientific”, and perhaps it is. If we think of science as being merely concerned with material processes, falsifiability and provability through material causation. Science is necessary but not sufficient to get a comprehensive view of the full spectrum of reality. The  frequency codes underlying the formative level of existence is non-linear and subtle and therefore quantifiable through objective measurement.  Its mechanism is subjective, psychological, holographic, atemporal and based in the yet misunderstood subtle energetics of spirit science.

In the words of Douglas R. Hofstadter in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid:
“[…] provability is a weaker notion than truth.”

But what other proof is there that can supersede direct experience? The true spirit of science is to test a hypothesis by performing an injunction or experiment, and the injunction we need to do to verify this hypothesis involves our subtle energy and subjective experience. The hypothesis we are testing is the idea that if we change our frequency, we change our life. Our experience, our life IS our evidence. Reprogram our energy field with more coherent frequency codes, reprogram our unconscious patterns, our perceptions and thought habits and emotions with openness to possibility, to the divine mystery, to coherent love energy, to integrity, to service, to abundance and well being, and the world we live in will radically transform.

You will literally reprogram the blueprint that is informing the time-space and bio-energetic condition within and around you. You will rewrite the patterns giving rise to the forms and circumstances of your life.

The Practice of Manifesting True Intentions

  • Entrain your brainwave patterns to coherent alpha frequencies through meditation and contemplation practices.
  • While focusing your mind on your inner environment in a state of relaxation, call to mind images of your ideal life circumstances, character and capabilities.
  • Notice the feelings you get when you have thoughts and images related not only the goodness you create in your own life, but how that goodness spills out, improving the lives of those you love.
  • Notice what virtues, capacities and personality qualities excite you or produce a positive feeling as you think of them.
  • See yourself enacting these admirable qualities. See other people in your life feeling trust, admiration and appreciation for you as you demonstrate these qualities.
  • See yourself being, doing and having those things that provide you the most authentic kinds of fulfillment. See yourself sharing and giving to others in ways that fully expresses the highest potential you can imagine for yourself and them.
  • Reaffirm your positive intentions daily. Become so familiar with your highest vision that it becomes automatic to think about. Make being, doing and having truth, beauty and goodness your new habit.
  • If or when obstacles or negative emotions arise in your awareness that take your attention away from your positive emotions and images, acknowledge the valuable information they are giving you. They are teachers. Listen for the sacred message they contain, thank them, forgive them, and return your mind and emotions to the positive future you are creating.

Your imagination, your desire, your emotions and your will are the concentration and broadcasting of your divine creative life-power. Directing this power onto the patterning mechanism of the subtle energetic blueprint is what is giving rise to our experience of reality. Let’s do it consciously and skillfully.

Hi-resolution Audio Program:

174Hz Manifesting True Intentions

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1+7+4 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

1 = The Transparent Intelligence ~ Focus and Concentration
7 = The Intelligence of the House of Influence ~ Divine Will, Protection
4 = The Constituting Intelligence ~ Reason, Order, Rulership

12 = The Stable Intelligence ~ Reversal, Surrender, Patience, and Devotion

3 = The Luminous Intelligence ~ Imagination, Creativity, Multiplication


Binaural Beats: Carrier: 174Hz & 87Hz, Alpha 10Hz
Key Signature: F = 438Hz +2 cents
Frequency: 174Hz
Duration: 1 Hr