Healing Frequency Codes ~ 174HZ Manifesting True Intentions


An alpha binaural beat music journey tuned to the solfeggio frequency 174Hz


Reprogram the blueprint that is informing the time-space and bio-energetic condition within and around you.

Manifesting True Intentions is the first in the series of Healing Frequency Codes, a set of hour-long brainwave entrainment tracks carefully tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies. This 174Hz-tuned track has gentle, soothing, pads and piano dotted with electronic recurrence. Rhythmic elements atop vibratory currents are distributed throughout the first 30 minutes before giving way to ambient tranquility. 

Alpha tracks are ideal for focused, intentional space including creative play, cosmic study, and interior work.

The Practice of Manifesting True Intentions

  • Entrain your brainwave patterns to coherent alpha frequencies through meditation and contemplation practices.
  • While focusing your mind on your inner environment in a state of relaxation, call to mind images of your ideal life circumstances, character and capabilities.
  • Notice the feelings you get when you have thoughts and images related not only the goodness you create in your own life, but how that goodness spills out, improving the lives of those you love.
  • Notice what virtues, capacities and personality qualities excite you or produce a positive feeling as you think of them.
  • See yourself enacting these admirable qualities. See other people in your life feeling trust, admiration and appreciation for you as you demonstrate these qualities.
  • See yourself being, doing and having those things that provide you the most authentic kinds of fulfillment. See yourself sharing and giving to others in ways that fully expresses the highest potential you can imagine for yourself and them.
  • Reaffirm your positive intentions daily. Become so familiar with your highest vision that it becomes automatic to think about. Make being, doing and having, truth, beauty and goodness your new habit.
  • If or when obstacles or negative emotions arise in your awareness that take your attention away from your positive emotions and images, acknowledge the valuable information they are giving you. They are teachers. Listen for the sacred message they contain, thank them, forgive them, and return your mind and emotions to the positive future you are creating.

174 Number Code

1+7+4 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

1 = The Transparent Intelligence ~ Focus and Concentration
7 = The Intelligence of the House of Influence ~ Divine Will, Protection
4 = The Constituting Intelligence ~ Reason, Order, Rulership

12 = The Stable Intelligence ~ Reversal, Surrender, Patience, and Devotion

3 = The Luminous Intelligence ~ Imagination, Creativity, Multiplication


Binaural Beats: Carrier: 174Hz & 87Hz, Alpha 10Hz
Key Signature: F = 438Hz +2 cents
Frequency: 174Hz
Duration: 1 Hr

As with all Source Vibrations brainwave entrainment sessions, headphones are required for maximum benefit. Available in high resolution .wav and space saving .mp3

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