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432 hzAn interesting thing about the 432 Hz = A

is that each frequency on its harmonic spectrum starting with a 36 Hz fundamental, will reduce to the number 9. This makes 432 Hz the 12th harmonic on the spectrum starting at 36 Hz. Every number in the harmonic series happens to be what is called a Harshad number. The word “Harshad” comes from the Sanskrit harṣa (joy) + da (give), meaning joy-giver. Harshad numbers, or Niven numbers as they’re also called, are whole numbers that are divisible by the sum of its digits. Take 72 for example: 7 + 2 = 9 and 72/9 = 8, a whole number. In other words, 9 is a factor of 72 because 72 = 9 x 8.

How is it that the sum of all digits in the harmonic series come to 9? And what is the significance of this?

9 is extraordinary! When multiplied by any digit the sum will reduce to itself. This, as well as the 2:1 ratio that characterizes the law of harmonic doubling, makes it so that these Niven numbers repeat all the way up the spectrum. This can be seen as a metaphor for the spiritual nature of existence, because no matter how many times Spirit multiplies itself through the variations and diversity of its self expression, it always remains itself and reduces to itself.

According to Qabalists, the number 9, or the “Ennead”, is the number of Yesod, the foundation of the manifest on the Tree of Life. It is the final point of aggregation of the spiritual forces before they materialize as reality. Yesod is the plane of existence that carries the etheric blueprint of mind and matter, and the part of nature that moves life onward and upward by the primordial impulse of evolution, enabling it to create ever more complex and diverse forms – from rocks to trees, to animals and finally humans. 9 is a completion, a maturity and an integration of all previous forms of expression, equilibrating the dynamic flow of evolving opposites within the stabilized coherence of changeless beingness. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 = 9

The hebrew word for Adam, thought of as the universal / archetypal or original man, Adam HaRishon or Adam Kadmon is ADM. Aleph =1, Dalet = 4, Mem = 40 resulting in 9. This points out an essential quality of human nature. Namely that man’s work is for the completion of creation or Adam. And by perfecting him/her-self (s)he becomes a refined vehicle of expression for the universal life power or Spirit. It tells us that by distilling the sum total of all the diverse components of our individual personhood to their simplest and most primary aspect, we arrive at what is changeless, what is always already whole, perfect and complete.

But what does this have to do with the harmonic series?

The Qabalists also tell us that the universe builds itself out of a pattern of self-replication described in the “Law of Correspondence”. This law shows how each level of manifestation from the gross, to the subtle, to the causal, to the non-dual are arranged in a pattern of nested wholes. Similar to how atoms become molecules, molecules to cells, cells to organs and so on all the way up the great chain of being, each preceding form establishes the foundation of the next level of complexity. In other words, the microcosm and the macrocosm are unified by a single organizational principal, self replicating at ever increasing degrees of complexity. “As it is above, so it is below,” says the Hermetic axiom of the Alchemists.

This harmonic series then reveals an aspect of the universal organizational principle and extends to us a profound resource to apply to the Great Work. Using gematria in another example, the Hebrew letter Tet equals 9 and represents the “Serpent Power” referring to the esoteric and hidden behavior of vibratory motion. Notice the serpentine motion of the sound wave. If you recall, it was the serpent in the garden that convinced Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge, leading to their exile. The aspect of cosmic intelligence applied to this key of wisdom is called, “The Secret of All Spiritual Activity”. Encoded into this mathematical principal and its archetypal and symbolic form is a key to the completion of Adam’s exile from the Garden. Embedded into the law of harmonics itself is the profound hint that within the oscillating, vibratory motion of the universal life power, is a key to equilibrating the subtle body, the etheric or energetic field that holds the template of creation. The lunar aspect of human nature – the Moon being assigned to Yesod, the subconscious, feminine-yin dimension preceding mind and matter – is a field of vibratory force. It reveals an inseparable link between sound vibration and how consciousness constructs its objects of awareness and ultimately the form we inhabit and the reality we experience.

The elegant and potent kernel of wisdom the number 9 offers us extends far beyond this tiny, partial description. But this little glimpse into its hidden mechanism is enough to be reminded that the universe has a purpose, a process, and a structure and that through the use of sound vibration we can consciously choose to align ourselves to those coherent unifying patterns of energetic force, thereby helping to bring about the completion of ADM through our own evolution.

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