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Scorpio is one of the most megalithic elements of the human experience. According to the mystery teachings, Scorpio is that force which governs the reproductive process of the One Life. And, because all the forces of nature are dual, new life is accompanied by its counter part – death. Exoterically, this archetype is often described as the inevitabilities of life. It’s been characterized as having to do with death, sex and taxes – those things we can not ultimately avoid due to the pervasive reach they have over our lives. We can not escape the power structures that govern our world. We all come into the world by the reproductive process, and we are all destined to one day exit our physical incarnation with the same vulnerability and uncertainty that we experienced on our way in.



Between birth and death we live our lives, and throughout it we are governed by laws and forces which are beyond our direct control. Scorpio then reminds us that there are inevitabilities in life, certainties that we are subjected to whether we like them or not.  We know that we will die, and despite our best efforts to prolong the inevitable, the most reliable reality we can count on is that everything will change. The known will come to an end, and somehow we must each find a way to navigate this truth with some measure of peace. Scorpio teaches us how to do that.

Mars and Scorpio

Esoterically, Scorpio is governed by what the western tradition refers to as the Mars force, or the desire nature. In the eastern traditions the Mars force is called kundalini, referring to the fiery serpent – the vital life force that is coiled at the base of the spine, awaiting to be awakened by our spiritual unfoldment. It is said that when the kundalini rises through the circuits of the endocrine system, up the spinal column, each of the chakras are opened, flowering into their full activity until it reaches the crown at the top of the head. It penetrates through the protective sheaths surrounding the chakras actualizing the full potential of each of the centers of consciousness so that they can become vitalized. Once it has reached the top of the head it cycles back down to the base of the spine again initiating a circular flow of vital energy.



The ancients have said that the state of complete illumination, or liberation from the cycle of birth and death, is brought about with this condition. The spiritual traditions have provided us with methods for bringing about the conditions necessary for the full expression of this vital force within us. Meditation, tantra and kundalini yoga are a few of the practices considered to be essential parts of our spiritual development. Some have even proclaimed that it is the destiny of every one of us to attain to the heights of spiritual liberation. From this perspective, the inevitability of our physical death is softened by the knowledge that the one goal of creation is to develop the instruments of consciousness to arrive at the summit of evolution, where the universal life power comes to a full conscious recognition of its eternal nature.



Th inevitability of evolution is illustrated by the rising sun depicted in key 13 of the tarot – the card that is assigned to Scorpio. Despite the severity of death’s promise we are also given the hint that death is but a new beginning. This archetype reminds us that for the life power to fully manifest in and through our consciousness, we must in some way die before we die. It suggests that we must die to the false forms of power, identity and desire so that we can be reborn in the complete realization of eternal life.


Meditation on Scorpio

With the full moon in Scorpio, we have an opportunity to inquire into the archetypal nature of the Mars force, examining the contents of our minds involved in both the expression and inhibition of this energy. In our meditation on Power, Desire and Death we are exploring our relationship to these inevitabilities to see if we might find more space around them, bringing them into the light of our conscious awareness.

C.G. Jung famously said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

In the meditation on Scorpio then we will not be imagining images of light, but rather looking into the darkness to make the unconscious conscious.

The principal of Scorpio and its governance over the power of life and death is perhaps one of the “darker” aspects of the zodiac. Examining our fear takes courage. It can be uncomfortable to allow our hidden parts to surface, but when we do, we reclaim the energy and power they hold apart from us. The serpent power can bite, but when we know how to handle this sacred energy, we are empowered with the ability to transform its nature, releasing it upward to vitalize the many centers of consciousness within us. With a right understanding, the serpent of temptation then becomes the serpent of wisdom. And what was once a bitter source of hidden terror can become a new vitality that vivifies our lives with the power to self actualize, and bring about those life conditions that lift us up to the deepest and highest kinds of fulfillment.

In this meditation we will bring our curiosity and compassionate care to our self inquiry. Using a series of questions in a meditative state, we are performing a ritual of sorts, a ritual that suggests to our unconscious mind that we are willing to see. We are willing to see where we are blocked, where our fear prevents us from taking our seats in our power as beings of eternal life and light. We are willing to see how we protect and console ourselves in the presence of a great unknown. In doing this profound inquiry we are taking a courageous step toward our primordial vulnerability. In this 1hr contemplative meditation we are asking ourselves to uncover what we are ready to see. And, in our seeing we might also find a seeing through, so that the light beyond the shrouds can fill us.

Please join us in the sacred energy and intention to lovingly embrace our selves as we are, the true nature of the one power animating all life and the goal of creation that is as certain as the dawn. Learn More>>>


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Scorpio Correspondences

Mythology: The Death of Orion

Intelligence : Imaginative

Element: Water

Planetary Ruler: Pluto / Mars

Color: Teal

Musical Note: G

Hebrew Letter: Nun

Tarot Key: 13

Virtues: Transformation & Rebirth

Activity: Propagation