Apex Signal


Take a journey beyond the stars where your healed mind opens to the clear signal of truth.

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The Earth’s ears are pressed against that colorful silence organized in deep time and space. We listen for the clear signal to know we’re not alone. We tune to sacred listening to hear the voice of the higher self whisper through the radio waves You are one with everything. 

This 432Hz tuned ambient electronic sound journey for pads, bells, and analog synth is an hour and a half of liquid listening. A gentle blend of chordal harmonies and cinematic movements consciously designed to bring listeners to a state of openness and relaxation where the inner guidance of the higher mind can be heard.

Listen for emotional healing, deep relaxation, and inner journey work. 

Track list:

  1. Frequency Into Form ~ 9:27
  2. Along Vibratory Fields ~ 9:38
  3. Wholeness Enshrined in Grief ~ 7:19
  4. We Are Listening Pt. 1 ~ 17:04
  5. We Are Listening Pt. 2 ~ 46:57

Duration: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Frequency Into Form


Along Vibratory Fields


Wholeness Enshrined in Grief


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