Sound Asanas


Sound Asanas is a 432Hz tuned album depicting the energetic themes of the chakra system. Perfect for yoga and journeying.


432Hz TuningNested HarmonicsGolden RatioCryptophonics

~ 432Hz tuned
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Aligned to the golden ratio
~ Great gift for the yoga teachers in your life
~ Unique depiction of the energetic themes of the chakra system

A gradient of Ambient Downtempo, New Age, and Avant-garde flavors, Sound Asanas features a dynamic range of sounds and aural imagery including world and symphonic elements. Violin, duduk, choral embellishments, and electronic elements like sweeping pads, deep percussive hits, and morphing textures are tuned to 432Hz, and are sonically shaped using the color tone correspondences. 


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1 ~ Muladhara
2 ~ Swadhisthana
3 ~ Manipura
4 ~ Anahata
5 ~ Vishuddha
6 ~ Ajna
7 ~ Sahasrara