Harmonic Mind Course


Welcome to Harmonic Mind, a transformative 8-week meditation program that uses music and brainwave entrainment to guide you into non-ordinary states of awareness and deeper levels of meditation.

There’s a spot for you.


Are you looking to deepen your meditation practice and explore altered states of consciousness? Look no further than Harmonic Mind – our 8-week meditation course that utilizes music and binaural beat frequencies to guide your brain from waking consciousness to deep meditative states.

With our specially crafted brainwave entrainment audio tracks, you’ll experience the major brainwave states firsthand. Plus, you’ll have access to a wealth of educational content and a supportive community of fellow practitioners.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 12 high-quality brainwave entrainment audio tracks for you to download and keep forever
  • A listening schedule to guide your progress over the 8-week period
  • Supplemental educational content to deepen your understanding of the major brainwave states
  • Connection to a community of practitioners for ongoing support and motivation
  • Monthly live guided meditations on Zoom to enhance your practice
  • Quarterly live, half-day virtual retreats for deeper exploration
  • Membership in our exclusive Praxis community upon course completion
  • Email support for any questions or concerns

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we recommend a high-speed internet connection for optimal audio quality. Don’t have fast internet? No worries – you can download the audio tracks instead.

At Harmonic Mind, we believe that everyone deserves access to these transformative practices. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to us for heavily discounted rates.

If you are unable to complete the course or discover that this isn’t for you, refunds are available for 7 days after purchase.

Ready to start your journey to non-ordinary states of consciousness? Enroll in Harmonic Mind today and experience the profound benefits for yourself. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.