Hypnosis for Super Creativity ~ Guided Meditation


Hypnosis for Super Creativity is an hour-long guided meditation set to 432 Hz music and contains a theta brainwave entrainment program.


Binaural Beats432Hz Tuning

Relax deeply into your natural state. Connect with your unconscious mind and tune in to your inner source of divine inspiration.  From your higher conscious mind, the wellspring of divine inspiration, perfect creative ideas flow easily and automatically. As you listen, you become more attuned at following these inner cues of inspiration. Letting go of the inner critic, You surrender to this moment; trusting that your unconscious mind will always provide you with all of the resources you need for your own masterful creativity to come forth.

The 432Hz music accompanying this guided session contains a theta brainwave entrainment program. In a theta state, the unconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions from self hypnosis.

For brainwave entrainment, please use stereo headphones.


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