Meditation Beyond the Cosmos ~ Guided Meditation


Meditation Beyond the Cosmos Guided Meditation is a 30-minute session containing 432 Hz music and a theta brainwave entrainment program.


Binaural Beats

The source of all experience is mind. The true nature of mind is limitless, transcendent awareness and creative power. However, our mistaken thoughts and beliefs which direct the mind’s activity appear to distort, constrict and fragment it.

Change your thoughts and beliefs to restore the mind to its full potential. Inspired by teachings from A Course In Miracles, this guided meditation process takes you on a journey into the transpersonal realms of being beyond body, mind and form to help heal our mistaken beliefs and direct the mind to a deeper truth.

The 432Hz music accompanying this guided meditation contains a theta binaural beat program. Associated with the period between waking consciousness and sleep, in theta states, the unconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions from self hypnosis.

Wear stereo headphones to receive the benefits of the brainwave entrainment program.


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