Meditations Beyond the Zodiac: A Journey Through the Four Worlds


A guided meditation exploring the themes of the Zodiacal sign of Leo.


Binaural Beats, Brainwave EntrainmentCryptophonicsNested Harmonics432Hz Tuning

In this guided meditation we take a journey through the four worlds. With the full moon in Leo we are prompted to explore the radiance of light and the relationship of spirit to matter.

According to the sages, the universe can be explored through four major dimension of being – the gross, subtle, causal and non-dual. These four dimensions make up the four tiers of manifestation or emanation of the universal light. According to their teachings, there is a chain of causation through which an undifferentiated source consciousness undergoes a descent and from the limitless, eternal light into the finite and definite structures that make up the material universe. Using creative visualization we take a journey, explore the altitudes and vistas of the interior dimensions of reality.

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