OBE: Out of Body Experience ~ 432 Hz Delta Meditation


Length 19:37



OBE: Out of Body Experience is a 432 Hz delta meditation.

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OBE is a collaboration with Vibonacci and Source Vibrations. This 432 Hz delta meditation explores the realm of the subtle nonphysical dimension. Spirit walk into the planes of being between worlds with this relaxing meditation. This track provides a luscious backdrop for astral journeys.

This brainwave entrainment program is in the delta frequency range and is encoded with the Fibonacci sequence.

Some listeners enjoy using delta programs as sleep aids. Delta can also occur in tandem to higher or faster brainwave patterns in wakefulness. When this happens, it can have a profound impact, introducing transcendental states of awareness and coordinating the bio-electromagnetic systems of the body with a high degree of harmonic coherence.

For brainwave entrainment, stereo headphones are required. Or listen on high-quality speakers to bathe in the resonant sounds.