Vibrational Growth for Plants



Vibrational Growth for Plants is music for your garden.

432Hz TuningNested Harmonics

~ Ultra-high frequencies: rain, frogs, crickets
~ Ultra-low frequencies: thunder
~ Beautiful soundscape to enhance the garden for you and your plants
~ Increase yields


ULFs (ultra-low frequencies) and UHFs (ultra-high frequencies) are embedded into electronic drones with the sounds of rain, frogs and crickets. Filling out the low range, you’ll hear thunder, one of nature’s sources of ULFs. Vibrational Growth is ideal for indoor plants and outdoor gardens, and will enhance the environment for you and your plants!

ULFs + UHFs can help accelerate germination, increase yields and can assist during foliar feeding, increasing nutrient absorption of topically applied plant foods. Play this track at sunrise and sundown during feedings, and play repeatedly throughout the day for enhanced growth. Especially helpful during bloom cycles.

Length 56:00

Listen to a Sample