We Dreamt ~ 8hr Lucid Dreaming Sleep Session


Sleep deeper and dream more vividly with this 8-hour lucid dreaming music session.


Binaural Beats 432Hz Tuning Nested Harmonics

~ 8 hours of music
~ Musical cues timed to fit REM cycles
~ To help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep
~ For those interested in practicing lucid dreaming
~ Stimulates awake awareness during dreamtime
~ 432Hz Tuned
~ Nested Harmonics
~ Theta and Delta Brainwave Entrainment Technology
~ Over 25,000 listens

Using brainwave entrainment technology and musical cues timed to fit key REM cycles, We Dreamt stimulates awareness while you dream to help you sleep more soundly during deep, dreamless sleep.

Try lying down with headphones to enjoy the benefits of the brainwave entrainment program. Or play through high-quality speakers to relax into the dream realm.

Length 08:00:00

For brainwave entrainment technology, please use stereo headphones.


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“So I’ve been trying this lucid dream thing for months and months had a couple very small sessions while lying on my back after waking up to let the dogs out (happened multiple times)… Until last night… I was on a flight path over every terrain… Said out loud in the dream ‘holy s***! I know I’m sleeping and I can control this flight pattern…’ I could… Mostly. I went up, down, landed, took back off, but turning sharp was hard and resulted in a landing. Last time I went up I straight up said ‘ok I got this part down pat now let’s work on s***’… So that faded out… Woke up for a few minutes checked my phone reset this video and it happened again! Flying was more relaxed and I got real cerebral. Started answering questions like I needed to hear them. Can’t remember the questions but definitely remember the answers. They make no sense. This video worked. Cheap ear buds. Fan blowing.” ~ YouTube Subscriber