Phi Ratio Pineal Gland Activation 936Hz ~ 3-Hour Brainwave Entrainment Meditation


This meditation is made in the spirit of the awakening third-eye. Phi Ratio Pineal Gland Activation is a stimulating brainwave entrainment meditation tuned to the solfeggio mirror frequency 936Hz.


This special extended version Pineal Gland Activation Meditation resonates delta, theta and alpha frequencies at their phi ratios.

Pineal Gland Activation is

  • Tuned to solfeggio mirror frequency 936Hz
  • Composed with nested harmonics
  • Composed with timing perfectly aligned to the golden ratio
  • A powerful brainwave entrainment program

*In order to get the benefits of the extremely powerful brainwave entrainment technology, you must listen on stereo headphones.

About the pineal gland:

The pineal gland, from the latin pīneālis having to do with its pine cone shape, is a gland in the endocrine system that helps regulate our circadian rhythms and secretes melatonin and serotonin.

The pine cone shape is a marvelous double golden ratio spiral, a shape that has encoded into it some of the deepest secrets of the laws of nature. Perhaps that’s why ancient mystery schools and
even Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the seat of the soul. Awakened, that is to say, free from calcium, phosphorus and fluoride deposits that obstruct blood flow and hormone secretions, this gland is believed to be correlated to our ability to apprehend the mysteries of time and the unitive nature of the cosmos.


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