Alpha Binaural Beats

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Flow States: Alpha binaural beats are great for beginners and people who what to easily enter flow states.

  • Healing Frequency Codes ~ 174HZ Manifesting True Intentions


    An alpha binaural beat music journey tuned to the solfeggio frequency 174Hz

  • Phi Ratio Pineal Gland Activation 936Hz ~ 3-Hour Brainwave Entrainment Meditation


    This meditation is made in the spirit of the awakening third-eye. Phi Ratio Pineal Gland Activation is a stimulating brainwave entrainment meditation tuned to the solfeggio mirror frequency 936Hz.

  • Pineal Gland Activation ~ 936Hz Alpha Meditation


    An active alpha meditation made in the spirit of the awakening third-eye.

  • Submerge | 4 Hour Brainwave Entrainment Package


    The Submerge Brainwave Entrainment Package offers four complete, 1-hour programs for state training, meditation, healing and personal exploration. 

  • Solfeggio Master 1122 Hz ~ Alpha Meditation


    Solfeggio Master’s brainwave entrainment creates a powerful sonic environment for healing and personal development.

  • Alphastasis 174 Hz ~ Solfeggio Algorithms NO.1


    Alphastasis is part one of a comprehensive series of lush music pieces composed for creating sacred ritual spaces, facilitating sound healing and neuro-acoustic meditation sessions. Each specially tuned meditation experience is designed to progressively acclimate listeners to deeper states of awareness.

    View the entire Solfeggio Algorithms Level 1 series here.

  • Empty Abiding ~ 111Hz Alpha Meditation


    Empty Abiding is a one hour 111 Hz solfeggio alpha meditation program for alertness and focus.

  • Lucid Bliss ~ Alpha Meditation


    Lucid Bliss is an alpha brainwave entrainment program using tibetan bowls, gentle tones and lilting sounds of water. This session offers a deeply relaxing resource for your meditation practice.

  • Blue Radiance ~ Alpha Brainwave Reset


    Blue Radiance is a free 3-minute alpha brainwave entrainment program to reset after deep meditation sessions.