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Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult.

submerge brainwave entrainment package

In fact, it should be one of the easiest and most nourishing things you do all day. The Submerge 4-Hour Brainwave Entrainment Program combines the knowledge of over a decade and a half of research and experimentation. We’ve discovered the easiest and most profound ways to make progress quickly.

What we’ve learned, in short, is that it all comes down to brainwave coherence. Brainwave coherence is a condition of increased synchrony of rhythmic pulsations. The brain is in a state of coherence when the brain’s electrical frequencies are firing at high degree of harmony. This happens in cross cortical communication such as the left and right hemispheres, as well as in the harmony between the different frequency ranges.       

By itself, meditation gradually brings the brain into a state harmony. But with state training programs, this happens more quickly and with less effort. There are a lot of entrainment programs to choose from and a large number of them are quite good, but what makes Source Vibrations meditation programs unique and profoundly impactful are some of the design principals applied to the sound engineering protocols.

A few of the secrets inside of Source Vibrations’ Submerge 4-Hour Brainwave Entrainment Program:

Harmonic Nesting
Nested Harmonics

Every element of our programs are tuned according to the laws of music theory to cultivate harmonic coherence in the brain.

The electrochemical activity of the brain itself can be thought of as a musical process. When our brains are “tuned”, they become harmonically coherent, improving cross cortical communication, accelerating information transfer. This is especially important with the corpus callosum, the bundle of nerve fibers that bridge the left and right cerebral hemispheres. When the two hemispheres of the brain are in harmonic accord, our cognitive capacities are at a higher level of functionality.

Harmonic nesting is done by tuning the binaural beat frequencies to the harmonics of the carrier tone. We’ve tuned the frequencies in our programs to the 3rd, the 5th, or the octave of the fundamental frequency. Each of the musical elements, including the drones and environmental sounds, are also tuned so that they are in harmonic concordance with each of the other elements.

brainwave entrainment

Harmonic Nesting helps bring about coherence between the brainwave states. Photo: manu schwendener

In some instances, each of the four major brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta in the Submerge program are also in harmonic accord with each other. This makes it so that going from one program to the next, for example from Alpha to Delta, continues to build upon the same harmonic structure that your neurology has been acclimating to. Ultimately, this recursive nesting helps to bring about brainwave coherence not only within each individual brainwave state, but between each of the states as well. Think of it like tuning an instrument so that each of the strings are harmonious with the others.

Golden Ratio Deceleration

Golden RatioEntrainment programs rely on a key factor. They must gain rapport with the brainwave state you’re in when you first begin to listen.

Gradually over the course of the entrainment program, the track must slowly drop you from where you are to the target brainwave state it’s designed to lead you into.
Source Vibrations programs employ the mathematical formula of the golden ratio – the algorithm of nature itself – to maximize the potential and ease of engaging the brain’s frequency following response. Since the neural structures of the dendrites and axons are already built according to the golden ratio, this method of entrainment is highly effective in gaining rapport.

Brainwave Entrainment

Nature knows best. Photo: Rodion Kutsaev

Each of our brainwave entrainment tracks is built like a golden spiral so the target state arrives at the golden coordinate.
 Since natural structures use this formula as its design template, Source Vibrations follows this cue in our design protocols.

432Hz Tuning

A = 432Hz “Verdi” Tuning

The vast majority of entrainment programs on the market and music in general use the A = 440Hz. Yet when we look at the ratios and proportions of many of the natural structures, including the relationships between the Earth the Sun and Moon, and the platonic solids – the building blocks of all matter – we find numeric keys that align with the 432Hz tuning system.

Thanks to a resurgence of mathematical mysticism and the work of The Schiller Institute and many others, the A=432Hz is gaining popularity. The A = 432Hz or “lunar tuning”, has a deep harmonic coherence with the fundamental patterns of creation itself. In entraining the brainwave patterns to these indigenous universal structures, we are, in a way, tuning ourselves to the symphony of the cosmos.

Subtle Cues

Throughout these programs we’ve placed carefully timed acoustic artifacts to keep you from “checking out” or going too deep. Plus more cues to indicate that you’re nearing the end of a session.

Often times, beginning meditators find themselves struggling to stay alert. This is particularly challenging with Delta, the deepest or slowest of the brainwave states. To help, we’ve placed event cues designed to refresh your focus, bringing you back to an alert awareness. These artifacts will feel especially useful after listening for a couple of weeks when the maximum benefits start to come into effect.

We highly recommend exploring the Submerge Entrainment Program and beginning to tune your brain to these extraordinary frequencies. This program is a great entry point for beginner and intermediate meditators.

Thanks to brainwave entrainment of technologies, it’s now possible to experience profound meditative and mystical states without having to practice for decades. With meditative state training programs like we can accelerate our progress through the stages development more quickly and easily.

How to use this music:

Put on a pair of good quality head phones, and pick one track to work with for a week. Listen to your chosen program for no more than 6 days in a week. This helps the nervous system recover, much like weight lifting requires a recovery period.

After several months, when you’re ready to graduate to something stronger, you may not experience the same level of intensity. If you experience any significant disruptive effects, take a few days off.

Some listeners find that you have a difficult time recovering after Delta or Theta state training sessions. We offer our Blue Radiance session FREE to help reset your brain to a normal state of consciousness. You can download it for free here or listen to it on our Youtube channel here.