Submerge | 4 Hour Brainwave Entrainment Package


The Submerge Brainwave Entrainment Package offers four complete, 1-hour programs for state training, meditation, healing and personal exploration. 


Binaural Beats 432Hz Tuning Nested HarmonicsGolden Ratio

The Submerge Brainwave Entrainment Package. A 4-part series. 

Take deep dive through the four states of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

These programs use harmonically tuned binaural beat frequencies set to relaxing 432Hz tuned sounds and subtle textures. 

Midnight Ocean (Beta) for mental focus. For use while studying or performing complex mental tasks.
Expansive Awareness (Alpha) will help release stress and relax into meditation.
Liquid Rest (Theta) is a tool for deep healing and self hypnosis.
Formless Being (Delta) is a sleep aid or may be used a tool for advanced meditation.

Wear stereo headphones to receive the neurological benefits of this program.

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Midnight Ocean (Beta)
Expansive Awareness (Alpha)
Liquid Rest (Theta)
Formless Being (Delta)